9 Best WordPress Plugins For Better Inter Linking Content 2023

Best WordPress Plugins for Inter LinkingBest WordPress Plugins for Inter Linking

Interlinking articles is most important for SEO. Listed here are the best WordPress plugins for interlinking 2022 content on your blog.

Perhaps the biggest challenge of any Blogger is to get their visitors stay on their website for a longer time. More the visitors stay on their blog pages, better will be the page ranking that will definitely place the blog as one of the favorites in the search pages. This will intern improve the revenues earned through the blogs.

Best WordPress Plugins for Inter Linking

If the content is written in the WordPress blogging platform, perhaps the best way to improve the page ranking is by interlinking the contents using various WordPress plugins which will interest the visitors and they will stay for a long time.

Mentioned below are some of the Interlinking WordPress plugins.

Insights for WordPress

Insights developed by Vladimir Prelovac provides an opportunity for WordPress publishers to increase their productivity by introducing several plugins. Insights let you insert Flickr images, Youtube videos, place a widget that can directly give visitors access to Wikipedia and search for anything there.

The plugin also gives access to Google search, news search, and Google blog search. What else, Insights plugin also gives access to Google Maps making it easy for the visitors to search for a place in the maps. All these are done in just a few seconds as Insights work extremely fast using the AJAX interface.

With so many options available in your WordPress publication, it will surely insist the visitors stay on your webpage for a longer time.

Internal Link Manager Plugin

Once this plugin is enabled you can go through Tools > Internal Links to access the Internal Link Manager area. You need to add keyword and URL respective to it to get the manual interlinking done. Unlike the above plugins where unusual texts are linked, this plugin does well because only the links that you add are hyperlinked automatically.

If you have a blog where you use common keywords, then it’s good.

SEO Smart Links

SEO is the lifeline of a blogger if he is looking extensively to monetize from the blogs. SEO Smart Links is a plugin that does that. Designed by Vladimir Prelovac, the plugin automatically finds the keywords, phrase, comments, etc. in your post and link them to other posts, pages, categories, and tags.

Additionally, this plugin allows to set up own keywords and set of matching URLs. It also allows to set nofollow attribute and opens the links in a new attribute. SEO Smart Links give full control of the options which can be easily customized and links with custom keywords. Blog users can also give a command for keywords that are required to be ignored.

SEO Super Comments

This plugin is another plugin developed by Vladimir Prelovac. The plugin creates a dynamic page in the blog with each user’s comments. The dynamic page does not exist in the WordPress database, but the information is created dynamically.

Using this plugin, the site’s index gets visible to search engines, and the blog comments get ranked too.

Interlinks WordPress

Interlinks are perhaps the easiest way to link other posts or blogs. The blogger has to put square brackets ([[ and ]]) in between the words to interlink posts.

Just put these brackets around a post title in the post and the interlink plugin will turn this word or post title as a link.

InLinks WordPress Plugin

Inlinks is a useful WordPress plugin that allows the blogger to link a specific keyword with a respective URL throughout the blog. This means, whenever the specific keyword is repeated in the entire blog, Inlinks will automatically detect this and connect the page automatically.

The plugin can be more useful to link your external weblinks.

Lenky Related Links Plugin

This plugin adds related external links in each of the posts in the WordPress blog. The plugin also searches for related content which is then placed in other blogs.

Lenky Related Links helps bloggers to improve their page ranking by getting more links to other blogs. It will definitely help in getting more traffic for the bloggers in WordPress.

Apture Plugin

Apture WordPress plugin helps the users to search and explore the content without leaving the page. The plugin is designed to effectively connect the multimedia documents from where the visitors get more information without even navigating to other web pages. It thus increases the time which each visitor spends reading the blogs.

Best CDN for WordPress

In addition, users can also add Wikipedia, Google Maps, YouTube, etc. using Apture. Apture is now a part of Google.

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