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Best Content Delivery NetworksBest Content Delivery Networks

Check out the 15 Best Content Delivery Networks (Best CDN) also the best Cloudflare alternatives available.

Containing data copies located in different nodes of selected servers a content-delivery network system is essentially a collection of different internet servers that serves close to one-third of most-visited websites. This system functions to improve accessing speed for data that are downloaded as well as applications, web objects, queries or media streams, etc by increasing access bandwidth and reducing latency. Overall the system improves scalability and reduces the load on web applications.

Best Content Delivery Networks:

Akamai is a famous CDN that supports many Fortune-50 sites and handles about 15-30% of total web traffic. There are also many cheaper and more efficient alternatives. Some companies prefer resorting to their own option of open-source libraries and free public CDNs like jQuery.

Check out this shortlist of best Content Deliver networks


Reliable and ranked #1 in a recent website compare on CDN efficiency, CacheFly offers the minimum package at $99 per month with a custom plan costing $0.03/GB plus 30-days risk-free trial.

Amazon CloudFront

It costs $0.075 for every 10,000 HTTP requests and $0.0100/10,000 HTTP within-US requests and offers database, storage, and cloud computing services. Amazon CloudFront lets users choose reserved capacity pricing in case their usage level is below 10TB/month in a region.


MaxCDN is shared-host compatible and extends database/pages/posts/RSS caching. It offers an easy installation and uploading experience. It costs 2.9 cents per GB and #39.95 per year per 1000 GB. However, MaxCDN doesn’t have a sufficient node setup in Asia.

Google App Engine CDN

Google has jumped into CDN services which are almost similar to Amazon S3 + EC2. This is used for running web apps, hosting websites and data storage. With their free plan, you get 5,000,000 page views per month with 500 MB storage and 10 hosted projects but you need to be absolutely a geek in coding especially knowledge of Python & web apps development because they offer no support.

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You get grid service, a dedicated server, and fast data access at very affordable prices. ProCDN is the first CDN authorized for hosting iASP for the flash-communication server of Macromedia and Linux. The cost is $20 monthly for a 200 GB data transfer.


Cloudflare does a tremendous job when it comes to CDN. Good thing is that the company offers free Cloudflare to get started and later on you can update for Cloudflare Pro for $20 a month, Cloudflare Business for $200 a website, and Cloudflare Enterprise plans costing $5000 a month on average.

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BitGravity has nodes in North America, and Europe and extends software, audio, advertisement, and video delivery. It’s among the first CDNs that brought in interactive broadcasting and offers the CMS-only package at $179/ month.


With 900 user accesses globally Limelight provides features like site caching, streaming and dynamic ad insertion, etc. Get the service at $0.50/ GB for 500 GB-2 TB.


HighWinds are perfectly suitable for downloading large digital media content/files or streaming video online. HighWinds is among the fastest-growing CDN providers in terms of leveraging the Internet for content downloads.

The company offers a free trial and coming to prices, they say one size doesn’t fill all so we have a custom CDN pricing solution for individual needs.


A full-service CDN that provides video streaming, large-volume downloading, and image caching, CDNetworks has more than 80 POPs in about 52 geographical locations and provides one of the best transfer performances at $0.50 per GB.

A2 Hosting

A2 Hosting is offering free CDN via CloudFlare if you purchase hosting from them. No one isn’t aware of the fact that CloudFlare offers free CDN and HostGator all cPanel comes with a click CloudFlare setup. Interesting way to promote web hosting services.


Edgecast offers fast access to the biggest sites at $250/500 GB on a monthly basis. They also offer a free trial to let you know how fair are their services.


This UK-based hosting service offers different packages and has 8 nodes in Europe and North America offering service at monthly 39.95€ per 2000 GB data transfer.


Cotendo is a CDN that works through SSL to deliver secure and highly efficient options. It has a CDN balanced for distributing content and charges a minimum of $400 for 1 million DNS queries every month.


Get software that can be used for organizing, streaming, and storing website content with SoftLayer. It extends 250-GB bandwidth at $45 while its pay-as-you-go begins at $0.20/ GB. SoftLayer provides reliable service.


GoGrid is priced on the level of pay-as-you-go and doesn’t require you to enter a contract on a minimum usage. It has a global footprint that gives nineteen POPs across four continents. GoGrid charges a minimum of $0.25/GB.


CloudLayer provides two distribution options, origin pull and POP pull. It extends both monthly packages, $45 per month, and pay-as-you-go $0.20 per GB.

Level 3

Level 3 is a comprehensive CDN service that allows caching, delivering content, streaming, storage, and secure delivery.


Swarmify previously known as SwarnCDN is a Peer to Peer CDN network that drastically reduces bandwidth and video loading time.

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Free, with source code available via GNU GPL, CoralCDN works by locating cached objects and improving data availability. It’s based on Coral- a key index infrastructure that however does get blocked by certain antivirus and web-filter software or packages.
Update – CoralCDN is dead

If you love free things then you might be interested in using the following CDN equivalent stuff –

Photon by JetPack

Photon is a JetPack WordPress module that is meant for image acceleration. Using this module your site will see faster loading displaying the images via their own CDN. To get this accomplished, you need to download JetPack by WordPress and enable the Photon module.

jsDelivr WordPress Plugin

Since all the WordPress sites use JavaScript code for the WordPress themes. Most of the time taken for your website loading is for downloading the CSS, jsDelivr a free public CDN that hosts javascript libraries and jQuery plugins.

Other CDNs that you can give a try are –

  • Incapsula CDN
  • CDN.net
  • Medianova
  • 100TB

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So which of these CDNs for website acceleration are you using?

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