How to Fix Operation Too Frequent WeChat Error

Fix Operation Too Frequent WeChat ErrorFix Operation Too Frequent WeChat Error

Wechat too Many operations: Guide to fix ‘Operation Too Frequent, Please try again later’ WeChat error found on devices running iPhone and Android phones.

Fix WeChat Error

WeChat, myChat, hike messenger, and Line apps are considered the possible WhatsApp Alternatives. Among those, WeChat by Tencent is so impressive that it has now 400 million in comparison with WhatsApp’s 500 million active users. While using WeChat you might encounter several errors and one of them is Operation Too Frequent error. This error is found on most Android and iPhone users, not all but certain users.

Generally, it reads out as –

“Operation Too Frequent, Please try again later”

Generally, as on first look, this error might happen because of quick touch inputs as your phone might be slow but technically that’s not the case with WeChat here. Although there is no reason why this error is peeping out to WeChat fans on their phone and this issue remains unaddressed by WeChat but there are certain possible solutions and here we few of them which might rectify your problem.

Solution 1: Clear App Data

The first thing you can do is to Clear App Data and Cache by going through Settings > Apps scroll down to select WeChat and then hit ‘Clear Data’ followed by ‘Clear Cache’.

Now once that is done try using WeChat for a few minutes. Still, if the problem isn’t resolved then try the following –

Solution 2: Re-install WeChat

  • Go to Settings > Apps > WeChat and click on Uninstall.[Example screenshot above]
  • Go to Play Store, search for WeChat and install the latest WeChat version.

The reason we re-installed WeChat is that there are chances that an error is creeping up due to the usage of an older version or the newer version might include some bugs.

Solution 3: Wait for Few Days

Finally, if this error is happening to mass users, then WeChat might fix this in the next update version.

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Finally, if the problem still persists, we have no solution just like how WeChat haven’t provided any explanation. We hope there is some quick fix method available very soon.

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