5 Best Google Maps Alternatives for Live Traffic, GPS Navigation 2024

Best Google Maps AlternativesBest Google Maps Alternatives

Check the top 5 Best Google Maps alternatives for Live traffic directions, GPS navigation & directions.

While it has a global reach and popularity beyond doubt amid the highest of geographical map location applications accessed and used on mobile phones and computers Google Maps does face a number of drawbacks and has much to improve in terms of its reach, quality, and customization for providing services pertaining to roads.

The app comes pre-installed on Android phones and all iOS devices and is run for free giving constant new features and showing rapid adaptation to a local market with add-ons like voice directions in the locally spoken accent of English. Still, you aren’t missing much of the Google pie in reference to the Indian interface if you’ve switched to MapmyIndia which provides you offline map tracking, and Bing Maps which has its own characteristic detailed and accurate imagery.

Best Google Maps Alternatives

Apart from navigation & driving directions, Google Maps is more used for business now. If you are looking to make money then the Chad Kimball Google Maps course might be the best one out there. Let’s have a look at the top 5 alternatives to Google Maps, globally and for road travel.


MapMyINdia is a highly accurate and door-to-door, landmark mapping site giving you driving directions with local searchability and traffic information. The maps are accurate, updated frequently, and interactive.

You also get proper step-by-step directions and can search for localities, cities, or different businesses. Useful information like ATMs, restaurants, hotels, and hospitals are earmarked.

Why MapMyIndia instead of Google Maps? The app claims its stake in having a navigation tool that is superior to that of Google Maps, makes maps available offline so even if you lose network while you’re on move you can have the map downloaded and saved and keep turning to it for guidance. You get detailed info on 18 Indian cities and 576,000 towns and villages.

Although not free, MapMyIndia provides you great value for money and has recorded 20 million downloads from the Apple Store alone. It’s available on all Windows phones as well, with a prominent presence on mobile platforms, coming pre-installed in Blackberry 10.

These maps also provide information on COVID-19 vaccination centers info & much more as provided by the Government of India.

You can visit their web portal at https://maps.mapmyindia.com/.

Suitable For: India only


Get extensive street mapping for a majority of Indian cities with the recently launched WoNoBo which provides you with much more details and covers for its current limitation of fewer areas covered with pictures of many spots left out by Google Maps and a 360-degree idea of a location.

Updated regularly and covering 12 cities fast-moving to cover another 20, you will soon find WoNoBo giving you map updates that are highly detailed for 54 cities in India along with important information on different locations, stories, and guides for eating out or a topic of interest in addition to geolocation tagging of important establishments and spots. It’s available on smartphones, PCs, and tablets.

Try WoNoBo maps online.

Suitable for: India

Bing Maps

Bing Maps utilizes multiple resources for imaging so provides exact coordinates, enabling view as it would appear from the side. Though it lags behind Google Maps in picture quality you’ll experience the interface is much cleaner in many locations and by far much easier to understand.

While Google Maps fails to give a 3D or even a 45-degree view you can expect a proper 45-degree viewing with Bing Maps. Both have integrated functions for letting you view sights from the street but urban area maps of Bing Maps are better than its rural cover.

Suitable for: US, Canada

Nokia Maps

Nokia users will find Nokia Maps hugely convenient for its free and detailed, 3D maps apart from terrain mapping and satellite map-based location providers.

While it is limited to a number of cities, its mapping is good. Nokia users also find MyCityWayIndia- a free app that can be downloaded from the Nokia store for city-specific detailed location guidance on 5 Indian cities quite useful.

Suitable for: UK & European Countries


If you find the inconsistency of Google Maps for location mapping in certain locations annoying try out WikiMapia which offers search to satellite, hybrid, terrain, and panoramic mapping and is user-interactive so offers excellent location tagging on Android phones and iOS systems.

Those were the best Google Maps Alternatives for Live Traffic, & GPS Navigation. It finally depends on your geolocation to use any of the above-mentioned alternates to Google Maps but it remains a hard fact that Google Maps is still the king as it comes pre-installed on all Android phones.

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So which map are you using for navigation? Do let us know via comment.

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