3 Best FlipBoard Alternatives 2024 – Best News Reader Apps

Best Flipboard AlternativesBest Flipboard Alternatives

Best FlipBoard Alternative: Here are the Flipboard replacement that you should consider.

Flipboard is more like a personal magazine for smartphone newsreaders. It is one of the popular ways to read, discover and share the news with friends and partners in your social networking sites. The availability of this magazine format application software in multiple operating systems like Android, iOS, Blackberry or in Windows makes it a more acceptable and popular app among smartphone users.

Best FlipBoard Alternatives

Although Flipboard is quite a popular app for the newsreaders, its censorship in countries like China, India, USA and the acquisition of Zite has made users look for an alternative.

Additionally, over a period of time users have stopped liking the magazine page-flipping style of this app. Listed below are some of the best Flipboard alternatives or services better than Flipboard or the top news reader apps.

Google Play Newsstand

Google is everywhere

Newsstand by Google provides a good alternative to FlipBoard. It’s actually better than Flipboard. It supplements the requirements of “currents” which are available in Flipboard. Newsstand has two components –

  • Magazines
  • My News

My News is more like a competitor of FlipBoard because, in My News, users can create their own feeds and share with the social networking friends just like it.

However, there is a difference in which the interface is built and it is easier to navigate in the Newsstand app rather than in it. Additionally, the interface is cleaner and simpler than that in FlipBoard. Unlike it, the user just needs to scroll to read the content rather than flipping. This makes the interface much easy and clear than that of Flipboard.


Better than Flipboard

Feedly is a great alternative for people who have the impression that RSS feeds are boring and works as a dull hammer. Feedly is actually a replacement for Google Reader and perhaps one of the best ways to get information quickly. Some of the advantages of Feedly includes its clean interface and its portability across multiple platforms.

Millions of Google users having Google Plus accounts can use their login credentials for signing in at Feedly, thereby reducing time and effort for creating another account and remembering another password.

Feedly offers extensive options in which the readers can customize the system as per their requirements. Customization is not only possible in the way the user can navigate the app and the articles, but also prefer to see which headlines and text or pictures they like to read.

Double-tapping closes an article. Along with providing an easy interface, Feedly also allows users to share their favorite reading on social networking sites. Feedly is a free app, but the Pro version is available at a cost.


Viable Flipboard replacement app

Just like Feedly, Pocket works with single userID and password that of Google+ users. Hence, keeping the account creation process relatively simple. In Pocket, users can save the data shared with it and can be used during offline usage and then for viewing later. So if you miss reading a live article received by feeds, you can now have the option to save the same for reading later.

Pocket has support across multiple platforms and the interface is relatively simple. Apart from providing support in the reading view, users have the option to switch to the web view to get a clear picture of the article and to read it carefully. Pocket offers a unique tagging feature which is better than choosing folders in the app.

The above three apps definitely wider the choice for people who are crazy readers, but looking for an alternative of Flipboard. It’s better than Flipboard.


MeWe is one such social network that is identified to be a worthy Google+ alternative and also the Flipboard alternative too.

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Do you know any other top Flipboard alternative? Do let us know via comment and we would be happy to list it out here.

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