5 Best iTunes Alternatives for Linux, Ubuntu

iTunes Alternatives for Linux: iTunes happens to be one platform that is known to provide people with every kind of music and videos that the users want. But at the same time, there are a good number of people looking for iTunes Alternatives for Linux, Ubuntu OS. We have tailored this article specially for those looking for iTunes replacement software and we have also gone through iTunes Alternatives for Windows and Mac earlier.Best iTunes AlternativesBest iTunes Alternatives

Best iTunes Alternatives

iTunes ranks top among the other platforms that do the same, but the main problem with this is that it is not available for all the platforms or for all the users. Ubuntu Linux users are the ones who suffer the most. They miss out on everything that Apple has to offer. But like everything else, there are iTunes alternatives which the others can use and enjoy music on Linux.

Best iTunes Alternatives

Here are some popular alternative software’s which are as good as iTunes –


Simple and light, and has almost all the popular music players that are built in. it is one of the perfect substitutes for iTunes, and like it, this works in the same way when it comes to fetching the cover art or any particular album that you are listening to. Scrobbling of Last.fm is also an additional feature.


The interface of this software is similar to that of iTunes and is a media player which comes free. it supports all kinds of music, videos and audio books. To use it all you need to do is add whatever track list you have to its library and enjoy all your favorite tracks.

Integrating with Amazon it also lets you buy the kind of new music that you want. It might not be available for up gradation every time but it is still popular and loved by people who want an alternative to iTunes.


It is the default player of Ubuntu, and it considered to be the most popular and stable amongst all. It lets you enjoy the features like radio and podcasts, has an interface which is more or less like iTunes and lets you enjoy music in a similar manner.

This also enables you to create playlists and saves your time. It can instantly recognize all the popular devices whether it is an iPhone or an iPod, or any other Android device for that matter. It is pre-installed.


Does not have a similar interface like iTunes, but has a three pane layout which makes selecting music easier.

When you land up installing it, you can select and play your music like the way you want it. It comes with dynamic playlists, tracking of files and statistics.


It is new and it is like Amarok, but has two pane layouts and has loads of interesting features, which makes managing playlists easier.

Grooveshark and Last.fm can be used to download music and allows you to transfer music too.

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So those were some of the iTunes alternatives for Linux.

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