5 Android/iOS/Windows Mobile Apps by Google Which You Will Like

Check the most used Android/iOS/Windows mobile apps by Google to make the world better living place.

Android apps have changed our life to a great extent. The apps available in android phones and tablets provide much of infotainment to its users. Certain apps like Camscanner, free dictionary, microscope, etc. has made life much easier for its users. In addition, GPS tracking, email access, map search has just helped us to access some of the important information as and when it is required. Understanding its importance, Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn and other social networking websites have prepared android app to help their users’ access their network easily. Banks and online shopping sites have also developed apps for this purpose. Mentioned below are some of the useful apps developed by Google in addition to Gmail and Hangouts.

Cloud Print Android App

Cloud computing is the latest buzz in the online industry. Android Cloud Print utilizes this concept of cloud computing. With this app, the user can give print to any distant printer which is connected to Google Cloud service. The user is able to print from any compatible android device to Google Cloud connected printer.

Cloud Print appCloud Print app

The printing is now possible wirelessly from your phone and tablet. The printing instructions can be provided when you are miles away from the printer. With this app, the user can also take a print of picture from the gallery and also keep a track of the print jobs. Download Cloud Print on your Android device today!

Google Translate App

Google Translate is one of the vital tools if you are looking to translate phrases or weblinks online. With the help of android apps, the users can get the same Google Translate in the handheld device as well. This app helps to translate text and speeches of more than 70 languages.

The app has the capability to recognize voice and translate accordingly. Apart from voice recognition, the app is good enough to translate text using camera and handwriting. Very useful app if somebody doesn’t understand the language of the country where he is visiting. The translations can be done offline. Download Google Translate easily on any Android device via Google Play.

Voice Search Android App

Voice Search is a unique tool available for those who do not find time to type the text they are looking to search. With this app, the user needs to just speak instead of typing. All the functionalities of the phone including the text messaging, contact search, Google Map search and controlling phone actions can be done using voice search.

Voice search for android version does have some bugs like inability to recognize punctuations or words and certain texts; however, it is still an amazing app. At present, this app is available only in US English. You can easily download Voice Search via Google Play on your Android device.

Google Keep Android App

Google Keep can work as a virtual organizer. With the help of this app, the user can have a one touch access to all the thoughts, notes, lists and photos at one place. Google Keep allows the users to create a specific checklist, enter a voice note and take a photo all instantly by touching the screen of your phone or tablet.

The app allows the users to color code any notes which can then be helpful to find in a later place. The notes can also be archived easily in the phone or using cloud space. All the notes are saved in Google Drive of the users; hence, they can be accessed easily from any instruments. Download Google Keep via Google Play on Android device.

Google Street View App

Google Maps street view is similar to the one which can be seen online. If you are longing to see some of the best places in the world, then this app is best for you.

With the help of Street View, get the feeling as if you are walking across the streets. With this app, you can visit anywhere in the world and take a virtual trip. Using the Google Street View is very easy. Long press the map and select the Street View option. Download Google Street View on your Android device.

Google has changed the way internet used to work before. With the development of some of the best android apps, Google has stepped into mobile market in a big way. The availability of over half a million free apps in the android market allows the users to use them without denting their pocket. These apps are very helpful for anyone who needs immediate help.

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