WWE Survivor Series 2024 Date, Matches, Results, Venue Details

WWE survivor seriesWWE survivor series

Check out WWE Survivor Series 2024 date, matches, prediction, results, venue details, and match cards.

So after Hell in A Cell, it’s time for the Survivor Series event in the WWE Chronology for 2024. We had many matches scheduled for Survivor Series 2024 night and here we go through results, match cards, venue details, what exactly happened on that night, and the Survivor Series 2024 date so that you don’t miss the action of your favorite sport.

Survivor Series 2024 Venue

Survivor Series will be held at Allstate Arena, Rosemont, Illinois.

Survivor Series 2024 date

The date has been finalized as of November 24th, 2024 for the last year. For this year it will be revealed soon.

Survivor Series Matches

As of now, no matches have been finalized but most of the famous titles will be on the line. It will be finalized through all the Monday Night RAW and SmackDown Live episodes before that event.

The following matches are scheduled for Survivor Series 2024 –

  • WWE World Heavyweight Championship
  • WWE RAW Championship
  • WWE RAW Women’s Championship
  • WWE Tag Team Championship

Here is the recap of last year’s event –

World Heavyweight Championship

Since Seth Rollins got himself injured, WWE superstars are competing with each other on Monday right to determine who the top 2 contestants are for the WWE heavyweight championship. So it turned out to be SHIELD members – Dean vs Roman for the WWE title. Roman Reigns becomes the WWE Heavyweight champion for the first time in history but that turned out to be just a few minutes of celebration as it turned about to be Authority’s plan as Sheamus cashes in his ‘Money in the Bank Contract’ to win the WWE Heavy-weight champion again. So, authorities are still doing things as they want.

Our Prediction – Roman Reigns will win it but at the same time, Sheamus will cash in his “Money in the Bank Contract” to leave Roman Reigns as another name added to the list of shortest WWE championship title holders.

The Wyatt Family vs Undertaker, Kane

There will be certainly a fight between The Wyatt Family and the Undertaker. Undertaker may find his half-brother Kane as his partner for the night joining the Brother of Destruction against the Wyatt family.

Yeah! I love it when the commentators say “Bodies all over” and this is exactly what I was expecting on Survivor Series Day and Brother of Destruction won it.

Alberto Del Rio vs Roman Reigns

Alberto Del Rio’s win at Hell in A Cell was nothing less than a surprise but for the Survivor Series night, he doesn’t have anything to lose as he faced Roman Reigns for the semi-final of the WWE Heavy-weight championship.

Winner – Roman Reigns advances to final

Charlotte vs Paige

Team PCB has their own problem going as Paige loaded herself on team members means that Paige definitely is going for the WWE Divas Title. On 2nd November on RAW, thanks to Authority Becky Lynch vs. Sasha Banks vs. Brie Bella vs. Paige – Fatal 4-Way competed and Paige won means she became the #1 contender. So, it’s Paige vs Charlotte and my God Paige tried everything to destroy Charlotte but this little girl from NXT has got something hereditary.

Our Prediction & Result – Charlotte is focused & hard-working, she scores better than Paige, so why clear choice here and that’s exactly what happened.

Survivor Series Results

The results of the Survivor Series are as follows –

  • Roman Reigns vs Alberto Del Rio – Roman Reigns wins
  • Dean Ambrose vs Kevin Owens – Dean Ambrose wins
  • Roman Reigns vs Dean Ambrose for WWE Title – Roman Reigns wins
  • Paige vs Charlotte – Charlotte wins
  • Taylor Breeze vs Dolph Ziggler – Taylor Breeze wins
  • Undertaker & Kane vs Wyatt – Undertaker, and Kane wins

So, the WWE Survivor Series 2024 will be an interesting battle to watch.

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