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Check out famous America’s or US best tech bloggers, fashion blogs, travel sites, mommy and entrainment bloggers list.

American are among the best bloggers in the world doesn’t matter when it comes to listing the best fashion bloggers, tech blogs or celebrity news/gossips.

USA Bloggers List

USA Tech Bloggers

United States, yes heard it right! Here are the famous blogger from the country  –

John Chow : JohnChow.com
John Chow who doesn’t know him, one among the top 10 bloggers in the world. He is known to take his blog from zero to over $ 50,000 per month in span of 2 years.

Kirck Taylor : Kirktaylor.com & Sharktankblog.com
Kirck Taylor is a serial Entrepreneur from United States and he writes on Sharktankblog.com but he has started a site on his personal name dubbed as Kirktaylor.com.

Brian Gardner : BrianGardner.com
Brian Gardner just doesn’t own a blog on his name but he is much bigger. He is the founder of StudioPress site providing themes and the partner at Copyblogger Media. With 15,300 odd followers he is a serial entrepreneur.

Tinh Tran : Azblogtips.com
Tinh Tran on his Azblogtips.com provides dedicated tips on affiliate marketing, make money blogging guide, affiliate guide and lot more tips. All the tutorials are perfect and free to view.

Matt Marshall – VentureBeat
VentureBeat is the site designed for tech innovations & entrepreneurs.

Gina Trapani – Life Hacker
Life Hacker owned by Gina Trapani takes the best tech, education, web tools blog. She the only woman in the list of 10 richest bloggers living in United States.

Ewdison Then – Slash Gear
Slash Gear is one of the best Gadget news, update blog.

Collis Taeed – TutsPlus
TutsPlus a web design, tutorial and template blog owned by Collis Taeed.

Jake Dobki – Gothamist
Jake at Gothamist writes about food, art and events relating to New Year but it has expanded it’s reach to 13 cities worldwide.

Timothy Sykes – Timothy Skyes Blog
Timothy is an expert when it comes to stocks, investments, finance and other money making stuff.

Vitaly Friedman – SmashingMagazine
Smashing Magazine is the famous blog when it comes to website designers.

Pete Cashmore – Mashable
Mashable, who doesn’t know about it, it’s the famous technology and business blog. It’s the world’s largest indepedent site.

Michael Arrington – Tech Crunch
Tech Crunch mostly deals with technology news and updates and it’s among the world’s top 10 Tech websites.

Travis Smith – Wpsmith.net
Travis Smith at his blog called WpSmith.net shares tips and his journey with WordPress blogs and designs. Discover the WordPress tutorials, Plugins by him.

Engadget: Engadget
Engadget is one the tech blog to stay updated with latest gadget.


USA Doctor Blogs

USA Travel Blogs

Best USA Fashion Bloggers

Best Mommy Bloggers

The following are the best Mom bloggers in United States –

LaDonna Dennis – momblogsociety.com
Liz Gumbinner – coolmompicks.com
Scarlet Paolicchi – familyfocusblog.com
Jacinda Boneau & Jaime Morrison Curtis – www.prudentbaby.com
Jenn Worden – jennsblahblahblog.com
Lenore Skenazy – www.freerangekids.com
Lisa Leake – www.100daysofrealfood.com
Janel C – www.amomstake.com
Leah Segedie – www.mamavation.com
Kristen Howerton – Rageagainsttheminivan.com
Nicole Feliciano – Momtrends.com
dooce Heather – Armstrong dooce.com
dentistmel Melissa Weintraub www.the-mommyhood-chronicles.com
mamasmoney Cher Kachel – muss momandmore.com
Weidknecht Lisa Weidknecht – www.weidknecht.com
pamelamaynard Pamela Maynard – momdoesreviews.com
Kate Marsh Lord – theshoppingmama.com
Louise Bishop – momstart.com
Liz Mays – Anutinanutshell.com
Colleen Shibley – www.shibleysmiles.com
Vera Sweeney – www.ladyandtheblog.com
Anna Fader – www.mommypoppins.com
Jennifer Gervens – www.sweettmakesthree.com
Kimberly Vetrano – www.shescribes.com
Crissy Page – Dearcrissy.com
Nicole Etolen – Prettyopinionated.com
Gabrielle Blair – Designmom.com
Jennifer Regan – Eightymphmom.com
Sadie Lankford – Slapdashmom.com
Heather Smith – 0urkidsmom.com
Angela Roy www.mommypr.com
Kelle Hampton www.kellehampton.com
Shannon Gosney www.themommy-files.com
Alicia Peiffer www.makingtimeformommy.com
Valerie Gray www.valmg.com
Holly Duce www.mommieswithcents.com
Leticia Barr www.techsavvymama.com
LA Bridgette Duplantis www.thenotsoblog.com
Kim Delatorre shopwithmemama.com
Chrissy Taylor www.thetaylor-house.com
Mama Melissa Willms www.outnumbered3-1.com
Kristin Lesney-Ruiz www.ourordinarylife.com
Janessa Solem www.thriftyniftymommy.com
Trisha Novotny 247moms.com
Jen Dotson www.thriftynorthwestmom.com
Beth Feldman www.rolemommy.com
Virginia Higgins thatbaldchick.com
Danielle Simmons – www.simmworksfamily.com
mamakatslosinit Kat Bouska www.mamakatslosinit.com

Best USA Entertainment Bloggers

Mario Lavanderia – Perez Hilton

Mario is renowned celebrity news, scandals blogger

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