10 Best Ad Networks for Bloggers with Quick Approval

Best Ad Networks for Bloggers with Quick ApprovalBest Ad Networks for Bloggers with Quick Approval

Check here the best ad network for bloggers which quickly approves the publishers account with not much or no minimum requirements.

Ad networks are the most important source of monetization for the contents of a website. Getting quick approval from ad networks for your blog so that they allow ads to be placed on your site and pay you for it isn’t difficult but it isn’t easy either. Being a webmaster you’d naturally want to earn big from ads embedded in your site. To get approved, providing quality content that attracts visitors to your sites should be your top strategy, next to getting better PR and Alexa ranking. With these, you can seek publisher approval from an Ad network for your blog.

Ensure good content and strong visitor traffic and no ad network will deny you permission. A good PPC or pay-per-click network to start with is Google Adsense which runs ads of all types. But getting its approval is not easy and there are some really great alternate Ad networks to go through.


Adhitz is a successful Ad network with a flat CPC rate and presence in several countries. Its CPC range is $0.04 to $0.14 per click and you can post two type of ads- Network specific and site specific. You have to first register and once you do, assign your ad rate for banner and images.

You will get an ad-code for your site which you’ll have to integrate in to get the ad displayed. Adhitz usually extends instant approval except to gambling or adult sites.


Another good ad network and one with both CPC and CPM ads, Adversal offers excellent CPM rates and advertising tie-ups with good brands and top advertisers. Register first with them and once you get a username, password-usually after a week or two of applying- use the ad code to integrate on site. Approval is easy and only adult sites are prohibited.Read complete Adversal review


For bloggers Clicksor is an easy medium to earn through ad placement on their site. It provides a range of ads including contextual ads, banners, floating/ pop-up or pop-under and text-link ads as also interstitial ads. You get instant approval but no adult sites here as well.


It can be easily labeled the best alternative to Adsense. With a contextual-ad spread out, Chitika provides you maximum revenue for ad clicks. The ad rates vary according to the level of ads placed on your site. Ad types are grouped into 3 levels. The first- Gold level offers maximum earnings through highest CPC with 100% fill rate and includes websites with quality traffic from US, Canada and strong content.

The silver level targets publishers with low CPC though sometimes ads do fill up. The rates and other parameters are not very strong in this level. The Bronze level offers entry-level startup rate.

ValueClick Media

ValueClick Media has recently acquired fast click offers good CPM and CPC ad network for all kind of bloggers. Your site needs to have minimum 3000 monthly page-views to quality and though approval is not fast, payment is processed on time. Also CPM rate for Asian visitors is not good.


This one is a banner ad network that extends instant approval and updates reports within hours. Their click rate generally varies from 0.01-0.03 that’s not good enough for a big publisher but on the plus side they offer 100% fill rate along with ad CPM.


If you’re looking for good textual monetization Infolinks is the way to go. This ad network has global advertisers and from different locations that offer good PPV and pay-per-text rates. You can get approval within 2 days and will find that integration is quite easy.

Best CPL & CPA Programs 2018

A large number of CPL and CPA ad networks are operational. These are great for earning from Ads and offer maximum earnings for every lead or purchase. But you would want to avoid them if you waiting for several days to get one purchase is not your idea of making a buck from Ads. Commission Junction, Tyroo and Axill are a few popular CPL & CPA networks.


With easy approval and integration, Viglink is another good Ad network to try. Viglink skims the links on your site and places ads according to content. It pays per click on ads.


An affiliate, Hostgator provides earns of $5 for every visitor who registers. It can be better suitable for 125 x 125 or any other ad size in sidebar.

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