Top 20 Ways to get Backlinks Easily, Effectively


Backlinks are backbone for any site. In this guide at AdvicesAcademy, check out the top 20 methods to get backlinks easily, effectively.

Making money from your website requires a lot of planning. While proper care is required on selecting the topic and writing unique content, an equal amount of hard work is required to earn maximum amount from the websites. Apart from making websites SEO friendly, the webmasters are required to ensure that site receives enough traffic to their blogs and websites so that the visitors click on the ads posted in the website and the owners earn money from Google Adsense or other affiliate programs. However, diverting the traffic to the website requires lot of efforts. According to a survey, there are very few general websites which receive visitors directly from search engines like Google. In most of the cases the website owners or bloggers are required to divert the traffic by back linking. Mentioned below are 20 different ways to backlink to your website.

Post Good and Original Content

As discussed above, posting unique content draws more attention of the users. Plagiarized content not only creates a bad impression among the visitors, but they are also discouraged by search engines like Google. Google Adsense had mandated the publishers to have a genuine and unique content for their websites. Posting unique content creates interest for the readers and therefore attracts more visitors.

If people make more comments on the website or blog and you as a webmaster can answer or clarify their queries, then you would certainly receive more traffic and thereby getting more genuine visitors.

Careful not to repeat the keywords

Non-repetition of keywords in your website is as important as writing genuine and unique articles for your websites. Writing articles with keyword stuffing or repeating the same keywords every now and then creates a negative impression which can severely impact the visits of your website apart from bad publicity. Hence, refrain from repeating the keywords when you are backlinking your websites.

Creating a blog for your website:

Blogging is one of the easiest and the cost-effective way to divert traffic to your website. Write blogs in social networking websites or review page of any products and back link your websites through these blogs. To start with you will have your friends on social networking websites to visit your websites; however, in a period of time, you will see the number of visitors growing in your website. This is because any search engines give preference to the websites which have more number of genuine visitors than others when the users do a keyword search.

Create an RSS feed

RSS is the short form of Really Simple Syndication. RSS is a way to subscribe to a source of information such as websites and have the updates is delivered to the users. This source of information is called as feeds and your website is required to provide these “feeds” to the website users. This is an excellent way to back link your websites; provided, the user is required to have quality material in their website.

Creating internal link

Creating internal links through your websites and blogs is a genuine way to build traffic to your website. This method requires little bit of more efforts by the users as they have to create more websites of the same content and back link one another to built more traffic. Internal links can also be built by visiting different forums and answering to different queries in the forums. The method of creating internal links works great when your website provides troubleshooting techniques to computer users.

Website Side Banners

Banners are the best ways to attract the visitors to your websites. Banners are mostly available in graphics mode and pictures or videos are obviously the best ways to convey the messages to the visitors in a more direct manner quickly. Banners are required to be put in varied format and sizes which can meet everybody’s requirements. If they are placed in an eye catching place, then it would definitely receive more clicks or hits which will eventually get more hits for the website owners.

Business Directories

Yellow pages or white pages are some of the genuine websites which every internet visitors refer. These directories help the business owners to develop and expand their businesses to multiple territories beyond the actual place of business. When the business listings have the website link as well in the directory, it surely gives more weight-age to your website. Back linking your website through business directories creates are more genuine impression to the visitors and it is certainly a more professional way to build traffic to your website. However, this may cost the website owner more.

Good relationship with other webmasters and bloggers

Signing a virtual agreement with other webmasters and bloggers to share and back linking the websites may work wonders for you. There are many blogs or websites which share the similar content. The website owners may post in the respective websites as a guest blogger. Share and exchange content with other bloggers and webmasters and create a trust among the visitors that you have rich knowledge of the subject by answering their queries in other websites or blogs. Interact well with your community by visiting their websites and providing comments on crucial issues. You can also invite other bloggers to visit your website and write an important blog or back link their website. This is generally a good practice.

Video websites

This technique of back linking of website again applies troubleshooting, do it yourself stuffs, applicable to repair of an automotive, electronics, etc. This is also applicable if you like to let the world know about your new secrete recipe or discovered something new in the kitchen and share the same with the world. If you write general articles or blogs like product reviews, travel related posts, etc., then this method is definitely not applicable for you. In this kind of technique of back linking, the users shoot a video tutorial for different do it yourself tasks and upload the same in different video sharing websites including Youtube. The uploaders of these videos can share their website link which provides more detailed information. This is a genuine way to create back linking of websites and the traffic depends on how informative the video is.

Effectively utilizing the social networking website

Of late, people have started to experience the benefits of networking. Better networking can help you to make new friends, get in touch with your old pals and develop your business tie ups. Your group of friends in Facebook, Twitter or Linkedin can be genuine first visitors of your website. If you like to write blogs on general issues, viz. travel, movie reviews, profession related, etc. then back linking your websites using this medium is perhaps one of the easiest ways. Tell your friends what you feel like or your opinion on politics, etc. using this medium.

Creating Microsites

Creation of microsites or micro niches with the same theme as the main sites are, can help to generate some of the unique visits to your website.  Microsites are generally sites with small content where the users generally provide a brief detail of their websites or work. If you are able to hold the visitors interests and if they find that your article is a unique and informative, they are more tend to read the whole content providing you with a scope that the visitor get interested in your website and tend to know more. Most of the ecommerce sites use this method of backlinking of their websites.

Use anchor text to drive traffic

Writing quality content does not necessarily help in getting hits in the search engines. Your articles are also required to be keyword friendly. These texts are called as anchor tests which are required to be dearer to the search engines. This text is a visible text of a link which can use to facilitate the detection of a relevant link to a website which deals with the subject or the content which is more relevant to the anchor texts. The website which you have built is required to be described in one keyword which can work as an anchor text in other blogs.

Using the resources which provide various social bookmarking

Social bookmarking is an easy way to store, classify and share links in an online platform. It is a place where the content is generated by the users themselves and thereafter they can be shared with the friends. With the growing use of social networking website and these websites gaining popularity, this technique of back linking of websites can prove to be an effective medium to receive genuine visitors. Social bookmarking allows the users to share with your email contacts or social networking friends, the content stored in these markers.

Creation of info-graphics

Info-graphics are used to show the information of the users in a more dramatic or graphical manner which can help to represent the information to the users. Graphics are always a better way to pass messages to the readers which can then be utilized to create genuine visitors by way of back linking of websites. Placing graphical ads in the website of others can help to draw large traffic into your website which can further help to increase your sales. This technique works wonder when you are running a large ecommerce website.

Sharing of quality content without overlooking SEO

Google does not pay the publisher if the visitor clicks on the ads. It pays only if relevant stats prove that the visitor has spent enough time in going through the content in the website. Hence, writing a quality content which interests the visitors is very much important. However, keywords and SEO friendliness should not be overlooked. It is important to optimize the content in the website depending on the development of keywords.

Posting in Article Directories

Article directories like, Squidoo, etc. is an easy way to create back linking of the websites. In this websites, the owner of a website (could be an ecommerce website) write a general article about a topic and in the last paragraph, he creates a back linking of the websites to direct the visitors. These article directories play an important role to drive traffic as they give a general introduction of the products and asks the users to refer to the website for further details or to buy a product.

Posting and commenting on other’s blogs

As discussed in one of the headings above, a webmaster is required to have a good relationship with other bloggers or webmasters who write content in the same topics. Posting quality articles in other’s blogs and providing comments there can help to generate some unique hits to their websites. This method of back linking of websites is very popular if you are writing a website which is about troubleshooting a technical item. This method can prove to be very useful to maintain good relationships with other bloggers in the same community.

Create back link in some good sites

Don’t create back link just for the sake of creating it. Use your judgment to create the links in a good website which has a valuable page rank. Page rank creates the credit worthiness of a website and thereby examines the quality of link which you get in your website. Hence, judiciously select the right place to post comment to back link your website or blog. Answer websites like Yahoo Answers can help generate good back links.

Administer a survey

Administering a survey in your blog or website is an easy way to monitor the visitors. However, make sure that you share the results with the visitors. Do some data collection and give high authority sites access to the findings. This will help that the visitors do some promotion and back link of your websites so that you get a good sample size.

Analyze and review the backlinks

You may apply any one or more of the above methods to create a genuine visit to your website. They work wonderfully. However, you need to analyze how they are working and what it is benefitting you. Too much of external links in a website may not work for you. Hence, you need to refrain from these and adopt the one which works better for you.

The above mentioned back linking techniques are some of the ways which help you to increase traffic on your website and eventually increase your income. Above all these techniques, you need to make sure that your content is unique and niche which visitors would like to read.

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