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Everyone knows what blogging is and year by year the count of bloggers is increasing. Some have become more passionate about their hobby and their hobby is now a profession. Here are some of the known Bloggers around the world via the Advices Academy bloggers directory. If you want to show your blog here then please send your details including the Name to Show, Site description & About You via Contact us.

Here is the list of the Bloggers (Blogosphere) listed according to their country wise.

Top Blogger Country Wise

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Country Wise Bloggers Directory

Afghanistan Bloggers List

The following are the Afghanistan bloggers who write on various blogs of their own –

Nasim Fekrat:

Nasim Fekrat is well known Afghan blogger who has set up blogosphere in Afghanistan, Asia. He lets people outside world know what’s happening in Afghanistan.

Indian Bloggers List

For Indian Bloggers Check out Indian Bloggers List.

United States Bloggers List

Check all the USA blogger/blog list.

United Kingdom Bloggers List

For a complete list, check out UK Bloggers.

Sri Lankan Bloggers List

Soha Rox : Blogger Trix

Soha Rox at his blog called provides tips on blogging tools, templates and other tips on WordPress for successful blogging and SEO.

Mayura De Silva : Mayura4ever

Mayura at his personal blog called provides tips on blogging, blogger platform, social media, SEO, gadgets, widgets, tools, services and lot more under one blog.

Australian Bloggers List

Annabel Candy:

Annabel Candy is an Australian travel blogger and writer. At her blog she provides tips and ideas for people who love traveling and living their life. The site has 20,000 subscribers.

Andrew Bartlett:

Andrew Bartlett a Senator in the Australian Parliament has his side of passion for blogging. He has been active blogger and write on political debates and processes and reaches out a wide range of public. He is now no longer in parliament but his passion for blogging continues and he lives in Brisbane.

Undisclosed country bloggers————————————

Jennifer Baumann :

Jennifer Baumann is a freelance designer and her portfolio can be checked at DreamWhispers Designs provides WordPress Blog and CMS design services, PSD Design to Genesis, Logo design, Business card design and other devices. She is an avid horseback rider, loves animals alongside with web designing.

Amylynn Andrews :

Amylynn Andrews at her blog called provides tips, tutorial and guide on blogging and about website. She shares lot many things which happen alongside in her life.

Valid Mesic :

Valid Mesic has achieved decent popularity with his complete Android related blog.

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