Oriflame – Best Direct Marketing Affiliate Providing Up to 20 % Commission

Oriflame reviewOriflame review

Oriflame Affiliate Program: Learn about Oriflame the best direct marketing affiliate program. Learn more about it, commission rates, plans and pay schedule.

Oriflame a cosmetic group is right now among the top 10 cosmetic brands in the world. Founded in 1967 in Luxembourg, Sweden it operates via the direct selling operating in over 60 countries worldwide. Oriflame has been successful in making 3.5 million consultants all over the world with net annual sales of 1.5 billion.

What is Direct Selling?

Direct selling or Direct Marketing means the marketing of products/services directly to their consumer generally in their homes or the homes of others, at their workplace and other places away from permanent retail locations, usually through explanations or demonstration of the products by a direct seller.  In India direct selling is developing slowly and potential for future looks better because it’s the second most populous country in the world after China.

Popularity of Direct Selling

Direct selling is different because it offers personalized experience and service. It provides satisfaction both to the costumer and seller by quality and money. Direct selling gives the seller opportunities to build one’s own business and fostering entrepreneurship.

Products like homecare, personal care, color cosmetics, kitchenware, gifts items, garments, nutrition and wellness products are today being offered through direct selling in India.

Oriflame Products Range

Oriflame products are available in wide range. All kind of products for all skin types are available. Oriflame is one of the top companies to utilize natural extracts from plants and flowers. Whatever your age and skin type may b Oriflame has wide range of products based on nature and the best of science.

How to Join Oriflame

Two easy steps to be a member of Oriflame –

  1. You can join directly through Oriflame consultant you already know or by filling the consultant application form or by direct contact to Oriflame office near you. We have made things easy for you. You can ask me [Preethi Khetani Patel] regarding how to join by email me at smartladylife@gmail.com or follow me on Facebook or Twitter.
  2. You will be offered Starter Kit with the basic like Skin Care guide and current month catalogue by paying just Rs 299/-.

Income Expectations

Without any income no body will promote the products. Oriflame provides you with fair income expectations, infact it’s Oriflame provides you with highest commission of all the direct marketing companies that operates worldwide. It offers good business opportunity for the self-motivated people. The Oriflame consultant will get 20% on the product what he/she sells on individual orders and 21% commission on your teams sales. The larger your team is the more you earn. You can expect anything from $100 a month to $2000.

How to be Successful in Oriflame

As the Oriflame is direct selling company you need to invest time and little efforts to be successful in Oriflame. The more time you spend the more you earn. Even though you treat Oriflame as a part time business you need to create a business plan. As said planning is the first step to success. Spend at least 2-3 hours in a day for Oriflame. Talk to minimum of 3 people a day about Oriflame and show them the catalogue. Invest some money in catalogue so that you can leave catalogue with the people whom you have talked about Oriflame. Letting people try a sample is the best way to generate sales.

Oriflame Trainings

Oriflame academy conducts training sessions every month when the new catalogue is launched. Within Oriflame Academy you can find e learning programs for training needs. Make sure to attend the meeting every month so that you will come to know about the latest products and the offers available for the current month.

My Smart Plan to Earn More by Selling Oriflame Products

In every business, you need to invest something. Larger investments yield larger returns, smaller investments fetch smaller income. Although joining is almost free, I should say you should invest some money in buying products first.

Every month few products are available at very cheap pricing and you can make use of this opportunity.

Buy those products in bulk on the first day of the month and keep a stock of it. The next month other products will be on offer, buy them. This way by the sixth month you will have stock of all the popular items and once your friends or family requires those products, you will not be running out of stock.

Since you have purchased products at a very discounted price, you will have a chance to make the most of every product you sell. For example, Men Perfume was available last month at Rs 99, this month it’s costing Rs 149.

As an affiliate, it’s costing you Rs 79, so starting this month you can sell it for Rs 149 also. In that way, you can make good money.

About the Author :

Use the Oriflame products – look great while you earn money and have fun.

To learn more about it you can contact Preethi at Smartladylife(at)gmail.com for detailed information. She runs SmartLadyLife.com website and she is a successful Oriflame marketer and she is part of this business for 4 years now. As an up-liner, I can help you make a good income by selling Oriflame products.