How to Fix Common Android Error Codes – Meaning & Solution

Fix Common Android Error CodesFix Common Android Error Codes

In this guide check out how to fix Common Android Error Codes and meaning and solution of the same.

Hotspot Shield is the most common VPN service being used by over 150 million customers worldwide. The VPN app is available for Windows, Android, and iOS operating systems. Hotspot Shield provides a lot of other benefits which make it the most demanding VPN tool among Android device users. Hotspot Shield VPN has advantages like internet security, Wi-Fi security, privacy protection, malware protection, bypassing internet censorship, etc. which make it more popular among online users. However, users have also reported certain errors while using Hotspot Shield VPN services.

Mentioned are some of the common Android error codes which are experienced in Android and how to fix Android common errors & problems.

Android Device Not Booting

There might be several reasons why your Android-powered phone is unable to boot. We have gone through a level-by-level guide on how to resolve Android phone not booting problem.

Package File is Invalid

Have you come across Package File is invalid ever? When you see this error, you should follow the guide on how to fix package file is invalid Error on Android.

Android Error Code 7 and 48

This is the most common error experienced by the users. The error is described as remote hung up which means that Hotspot Shield servers are currently not available in your region. You may try after few moments. However, if the problem persists for long hours, please raise a ticket with the website.

Android Error Code 103

Error Code 103 is generally experienced when the connection to the Hotspot Shield server is lost. This is more of a network problem. Please check your device’s connectivity with the Wi-Fi. Try to hook on to a mobile network or any other Wi-Fi network.

Android Error Code 1007 and 1019

Error Code 1007 is “No network connection. No Network”. The error is experienced when your device is not connected to any network. Please connect to a Wi-Fi network or mobile internet so that the network connection is enabled. The error is no where related to Hotspot Shield server.

Android Error code 1008

Error Code 1008 is described as “Network is unreachable. Network is present but there is no access to the internet”. If you experience this problem, just hook into a network (Wi-Fi or mobile internet).

Error code 1012

The description of this error is “Keep alive error, Network problem”. Please try reconnecting to mobile internet or any Wi-Fi network.

Error code 1013

This error is experienced when the user can not connect to Hotspot Shield servers. The error reads as “HSS is blocked or servers not available”. The problem can be solved when the user tries to connect after some time. However, if the problem continues, go to the Manage Apps option available in Android Settings, then to the Hotspot Shield Entry and select clear data. After this connect to the Wi-Fi network.

Error code 1017

The description of this error reads as “Failed to prepare VPN. Open VPN problem”. The solution is the same as mentioned above. Go to the Android settings, manage apps, and then in Hotspot Shield Entry and clear data. If the problem persists, contact your VPN support with the device’s information.

Error code 1016

The description of this error is “Servers unavailable/blocked”. The error is usually experienced when there is no server connection available in your region. The users may try switching to another Wi-Fi network or mobile internet connection and connect to Hotspot Shield servers.

Android Error codes 1023 and 1024

These errors are more experienced when there is a connection timeout and the device failed to establish the connection. The user may try to reconnect the network later. If the problem persists, make some changes in the settings by going to the manage apps and clearing the data. Also, try connecting to another Wi-Fi or mobile network.

Android Error 1028

The error reads as “Open VPN’s internal manager failed to create an instance or interface”. The probable solution is to upgrade to the latest version of Hotspot Shield.

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The errors mentioned above are commonly observed in Hotspot Shield; however, they are usually solved easily. In case you are writing to support to raise a ticket to solve the technical problem, make sure that you mention the error code and what steps you have taken to solve the problem.

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