Best Android Apps to Download Music Mp3 Files Directly on Phones & Tablets

With the availability of music in compressed files like MP3, people can listen to music anywhere anytime. Most of us like to listen to music on mobile phones, iPod and other portable devices, reason being we can listen to the music on the go. When portable devices like iPods were introduced, the only way to listen to the songs was to download them in the computer and then transfer in the portable devices or mobile phones. Today, with the introduction of Wi-Fi and reasonable cost mobile internet plans, Mp3 music can easily be downloaded directly in the mobile phones. With the introduction of smartphones in the market, the users can use the apps to download official MP3 from internet. There are plenty of applications available to download MP3 directly on phones and tablets. Mentioned below are few of them.

Download music MP3 App V2 

Download music MP3 App V2 is a free MP3 downloader which allows the user to download MP3 songs directly in the android device. The users can download as well as listen to MP3 online. The app also provides background downloading of the music while the user can do other work in the android device using the same Wi-Fi.

Download music MP3 App V2Download music MP3 App V2

The songs can be managed by adding them in the playlists. The search function helps the users to search using different criteria, such as album name, song name and even artist. Download Download music MP3 App V2 on your Android device via Google Play.

MP3 Music Search Download Pro 

MP3 Music Search Download Pro is a free MP3 music downloader which is compatible with almost all the android devices. It works on both the Jelly Bean and Ice Cream Sandwich operating systems of android. The Pro version of this song allows the users to do all kinds of editing with the songs.

Editing the songs is so easy that the users can cut the songs and set them as their favorite ringtones. The new version of the app has some of the best MP3 search function. The users can also purchase some more ringtones. The MP3s can easily be played using your default music player. Download MP3 Music Search Download Pro for free on your Android device.

Download Copyleft music MP3 

Download Copyleft music MP3 is perhaps the best MP3 downloader available for free. The app is best suited to download music MP3 files for free on any android devices. The users can also play music online. The users can also create a library to manage the MP3 music songs.

The app has vast collection of MP3 songs and users may also download classical music of Beethoven, Mozart, Bach and many more. The new improved version has more collection of songs and shuffle button is also added in the playlist. Good app for people who like to listen to variety of songs. Download Download Copyleft music MP3 via Google Play on your Android device.

Fast MP3 Downloader 2 

Fast MP3 Downloader 2 from Raulguzi Hashi provides MP3 music in sharing mode. Unlike other MP3 downloader app, the users can listen and download the files from several popular file sharing servers. Since, the file sharing is done in public domain, the users have a choice to listen to multiple variety of songs.

The users can use the search option to look for the songs. The easy to use interface allows the users to listen and download songs in their android device. The app is compatible with most of the android devices and supports almost all the file formats. Download Fast MP3 Downloader 2 on your Android device for free.

MP3 cutter and ringtone maker

MP3 cutter and ringtone maker is made for those users who like set their favorite songs as ringtone. The app also allows people to record a live audio and trim certain parts of it. It supports all kinds of music formats including MP3, WAV, AAC, AMR, etc. This app makes editing of the music so easy.

This free MP3 cutter is an amazing app designed to edit the MP3 music of your android device. The multiple features of this app provides host of other benefits which the android users will find useful. This MP3 app has several inbuilt features like an MP3 player, cutter and audio recorder. Download MP3 cutter and ringtone maker for free on your Android device.

One of the biggest advantages of downloading MP3 using android app is that they are virus free, although they are available for free of cost. Various features like cutting the MP3 files and setting it as a ringtone, etc. rules out the requirement of downloading any additional software for editing.

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