How to Troubleshoot Android Phone/Tablet

Troubleshoot Android phonesTroubleshoot Android phones

In this guide go through Troubleshoot Android phones and tablets steps to fix Android common errors.

Everyone has a smartphone in today’s world. With each passing day, the smartphones are becoming more and more powerful and they are becoming better technologically. They are pretty powerful and not many of us have to face any sort of difficulty with the hardware.

But many a time there might be slight minor issues here and there, which you will need to fix.

Troubleshoot Android Phone

Though factory reset is the option when you find something wrong with your phone, that has to be kept as the last option because all the data that you have fed it gets deleted.

Therefore here are some common problems and their solutions to help you use your phone better.

When Phone Not Responding

When you want to restart the phone but not remove the battery- most of us remove the battery when the phone doesn’t respond, but instead of that, we can try an alternative which is holding the power button for about more than ten seconds till the phone restarts.

Phone Doesn’t Turn ON

When the phone doesn’t start at all- it is more likely that the phone must have got discharged so one can try charging the phone for a few hours and seeing or simply one can remove the battery and reinsert it and see if it starts.

If not visit the service center. We have gone through the comprehensive guide on how to fix Phone doesn’t turn up issues.

Black & White Dots on Screen

Black & white dots that are seen on the screen at times are known as the dead pixels a white as the live pixels and are only acceptable when there is one which should not increase with time.

Problem with SD card

When the phone does not recognize the micro SD card, try another card and check if the card is fine, or else try formatting the card (FAT 16/32).

Android Phone Too Slow

When you think your phone is too slow to download RAM optimizer app/ booster app/ system optimizer app and remove the Apps that you don’t use by following the process mentioned below –

  • On your Phone go to Settings.
  • Now tap on Apps.
  • Browse through the App which you want to uninstall and tap on it.
  • Now hit the Uninstall button.

Unable to Lock GPS

Several Android phones have a problem with unable to lock GPS issues. GPS- enable EPO/A-GPS, make sure your net is working and you should get the lock within a minute or so, and don’t let the phone go on a sleep mode. Try GPS test app if this doesn’t work.

App Stopped Working Error

When you get App Stored working error, clear cache of the app that has given this problem, and restart the phone and see.

Android Memory/Storage Issues

When the phone shows to have a lesser memory than mentioned on the box one should realize that not all the memory mentioned will be available, the operating system occupies the space too.

Troubleshoot Sign-in to Google Account

When you can’t sign in – when you are unable to sign into Gmail, YouTube or Google from your phone, make sure your network settings are proper.

Settings > Apps > and then look for Google play store, tap on the apps mentioned above and clear all cache and data and restart your device, if not try the factory reset option.

Battery Inaccurate Levels

Though this fault is only seen in new handsets one can ignore this and charge the phone only when the battery is really low, this should improve with time.

Fix Android Low Battery Issues

Using a battery saver is an app that can help you. Avoid using high battery consuming apps.

Fix Android Invalid IMEI Issues

When you are having a customized ROM this is a rare error which will be displayed then. You can either get it fixed at the service center or try the below-mentioned step.

Note the IMEI number and then proceed. Enter engineering mode by dialing *#*#3646633#*#*. CDS and then radio information and then the below-mentioned command,


And press enter.

For second SIM tap phone 2 and type this command


And press enter.

If not download MTK utility and that would do the same.

That was the guide to troubleshoot Android phone.

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