How to Fix Android Phone Not Booting Error

fix Android Phone not booting errorfix Android Phone not booting error

In this guide check out how to fix Android Phone not booting error, guide works for tablets as well.

If you’re facing the issue of a phone not booting up as well as it should and are looking for online guides to resolve the problem you should begin by first understanding that a bootup problem isn’t a minor one and needs to be addressed immediately with necessary troubleshooting moves. For starters, the problem could be stemming from a corrupted Android- OS or poor hardware or an errant app. Some basic moves should be taken for troubleshooting if Android phone doesn’t boot well.

Fix Booting Issues

Follow the 4 steps to fix Android Booting error:

Reinserting Battery

Whichever device you own first take the battery out from the mobile and leave it out for 10 seconds at least. If the device doesn’t have the option of removing battery don’t make any attempt to do so. The battery should be replaced and capped up and then the phone should be switched on again. While it doesn’t quite sound a very logical way to go in many phones this trick works to fix the booting error.

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Removing Hardware

Sometimes a hardware connected to the device interferes with smooth booting up so if there’s an SD card or other devices plugged on to your Android phone take it out and then restart the phone.

Power Issues

Often the simplest things turn out to be a root of a big problem like a handset not behaving itself. Do check if there is enough power for the device to switch on and operate. All devices have a minimum power requirement for them to turn on and if the battery doesn’t have enough power it will certainly not switch on. Plug the device power adapter in and get a battery to charge.

Do not try to connect the device to the computer or other devices since this could spell more hardware trouble for the phone. So if you’re used to connecting the device to USB port to another for battery charging don’t try it at such critical-battery stage.

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Hard Reset

The last resort for fixing a booting problem on your Android phone should be by making a hard reset. This move erased all data on phone memory. Before the phone loads, the device displays option for hard resetting. Check the manual for specific directions and get the device into recovery mode first by using Volume-up+ power keys.

If it’s a Samsung phone, long-press the Volume-up key and hold the power button while pressing the menu button. Click on ‘Wipe Data/ Factory Reset’ and ‘Clear Cache’ options.

So that was the guide on how to fix Android Phone unable to boot Android error.

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