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How to Delete WeChat Account /ID Completely

In this guide check out how to delete WeChat Account and ID completely from your phone/tablet. Ever since I wrote about ‘how to delete WeChat…

What is a Metal Detector and where are Metal Detectors used?

A metal detector is a tool designed to detect metal objects. A metal detector can detect metals by the physical principle of electromagnetic induction and the…

Windows 10 Tricks & Reasons Why You Should Upgrade – Infographic

Moving on from Windows 8.1, Microsoft announced Windows 10 in July 2015. The all new Windows 10 receive several major improvements over the previous Windows…

How to Setup Social Bookmarking Site in 2 Minutes

This guide explains how to setup social bookmarking site within 2 minutes.

How to Install Windows 8 on Apple Mac Laptop

This is a step by step guide for installing Windows 8 on Apple MAC using Boot Camp.

Here is What You Should Know About Amber Teething Necklaces!

Are you a parent to a toddler experiencing teething pain? Are you tempted to try any product that has words like calming, natural, soothing and…

Get iPhone Insurance – Warranty Extender for Gadgets, Mobiles

Buying a Smartphone always comes with one year warranty and beyond this time, you are left with your device on your own. Although some leading…

Download Android App from Play Store to APK Directly

Instructions on How to download/convert Android App from Play Store to APK directly.

New Printer Buying Guide – Printer Specifications Checklist

So you have finally decided to buy a printer. If you are unsure, please go through our Printer Specifications Checklist before buying Laser/Inkjet Printer.

How to Auto Refresh any Web Page or Website at Set Timer

Websites over internet places dynamic content that changes frequently. Every time you visit a website, you find the content continuously variable. There are feeds and…

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