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In a world of developing technology, personal computers or PC still holds the position it did a decade ago. A proper environment like an office or a work station requires proper PC and therefore there has to be proper guides which can help people buy the right kind of PC. There are mainly three kinds of PCs to choose from, assembled pc, brands selling normal brands, all in one which are usually made by larger brands.

Compact Desktops

With optimal configuration compact desktops are computers which are specially designed to occupy the least amount of space. It is best for work stations. This has all its parts built in and configured really closely to occupy less space.

Normal/All in One Desktops

These are normal computers and have most of the parts behind the screen. There are major companies which sell this like, Dell, HCL, HP, and Lenovo and are very easy to use, by plugging in just one simple cord. They are also available in touch screen options, and they are a tad bit expensive, and this happens to be the only reason why people prefer an assembled one.

Assembled PC

Assembled PCs are reasonable and don’t need any up gradation. It is assembled with the part that you want and the respective part from the different brands. This can be done the way you want and assigned in the way you would want and you can make extra space on the keyboard too by getting an extra card.

What one should be careful about when buying a PC?

  • Processor- AMD and Intel are the well known processors and you can choose either according to your budget. It is the backbone of the computer and one should always go for the latest processor when buying a PC.
  • RAM- random access memory is an essential part and determines the speed of your computer. Either 4 GB or 8 GB ram should suffice.
  • Hard disk- the place that stores file in your PC and therefore can be placed or bought according to your need which might go up to 1 TB HDD.
  • Graphics card- this is an additional part for the high resolutions of games that you would want to play on your PC. Totally depends on your need.
  • Motherboard- everything that exists in a PC is connected to the motherboard and hence it is the most important part of the computer.
  • Accessories- whatever add ones that you want can be taken with the PC like CD and DVD drive.
  • Cooling options- PCs are provided with cooling systems but you can attach additional ones.

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