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Best Question and Answer SitesBest Question and Answer Sites

Best Question and Answer Sites 2024: which also acts as Best Yahoo Answers alternatives or Quora alternatives.

Finding answers to your questions in today’s digital world has been really easy these days. People can get answers directly from various websites right at the click of the mouse. Whether they are general questions or questions related to the specialized field of science, arts, music, travel, etc., users can easily find answers online through a simple Google search. While forums are the most loved medium to solve your queries, there are plenty of websites available where users can post their questions and there are people who will answer the questions asked. Through the following piece of writing, we will be learning some of the best Question and Answer sites on the web.


Best Question and Answer Sites

Yahoo Answers is one of the oldest and the most preferred answer sites which is used by people around the globe. However, there are websites that are equally popular. Mentioned below are some of the sites which can be considered an alternative to Yahoo Answers.


Ask.com is one of the popular websites that is meant for people to post their questions online and get their queries clarified by anyone. Formerly known as Ask Jeeves, the website was founded in 1996, the website is intended to provide answers to questions in simple language. The website believes in the idea that although posting questions in search engines like Google is a good option, many people prefer to post questions online so that they get their answers quite easily. The website has over 100 million users around the globe and ranks as one of the top 10 websites in the United States in terms of traffic. The popularity of the website can also be witnessed by the fact that both the iOS and Android app of the website has been downloaded over 3 million times. Navigation on the website is really easy. The home page of the website: www.ask.com has a big search box where the users may type their questions and click on “Find Answers”.  You can even find answers to CompTIA Practice Test Dumps Questions. The QNA Community of the website hosts millions of questions that a website visitor can start answering. The questions can either be searched or the users can look for questions by browsing through various categories.


Askville.com is another famous website that helps online users get answers to all the questions, even if it is the silliest of things to the most complex tasks. Askville is a community developed and maintained by Amazon, the master in eCommerce businesses. Just like Yahoo Answers and Ask.com, navigation on this website is really easy. The users can just type the question for whose answer he is looking for. The users are required to sign up for a free account. Once the account is created, the users can log in to either ask a question or answer the questions if they already know the same. However, there are certain guidelines that the users are required to follow. Users are required to be careful about tagging in the particular question and answer so that they can easily be searched by the users or in online searches.


Quora is a question-and-answer website that was founded in June 2009. Adam D’Angelo is the founder member and CEO of Quora. Just like any other website, this site is maintained by community users, but it is different from any other answers website. As soon as the users visit the website, it asks them to signup. Sign up is easy and can be done in minutes.

However, if the user wants to skip the signup, they can signup using Google or Facebook logins. After the login is done, the user is required to select the interest from a list of topics displayed on the page.

A minimum of 5 topics are required to be selected. The users can also select their friends from Google or Facebook contacts. These steps can be skipped if the user feels like it. After completing these formalities, the users would get a page where they can search for the questions or ask a question if they are not already answered. Questions can be easily searched and answered accordingly. This is a free website and can be subscribed to easily.


Answers.com is a unique question-and-answer website where users can get answers related to any specialty. The homepage of the website is simple and the users can access different categories for the questions they are looking for. The homepage of the website also has a list of experts in different fields. Just ask your questions in the search box and click on go. New questions can be asked or users can answer the existing questions. The website is self-explanatory and the interface is easy to understand. As per the website with more than 225 million registered users, the website ranks #20 in the US. In addition to providing questions and answers, the website also has news and articles sections that provide the users with extensive material to read.


Created in 2002, WikiAnswers is a little-known website where users can ask and answer questions. It is an ad-supported wiki website. The homepage section of the website provides a host of exciting features that attract users to stick to this website. There are broad categories where the users can answer the questions. If you are willing to answer a question, just click on the unanswered questions link and start answering them. If you are looking for an answer to your question, then search for the question in the search box and hit enter. Questions can also be searched using different categories.

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The above-mentioned websites provide a good alternative to Yahoo Answers and they are free to be used. However, Yahoo Answers is still considered to be the preferred choice for many users and different search engines.

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