Top 10 Best Sites to Find Premium WordPress Themes

Best Sites to Find Premium Wordpress ThemesBest Sites to Find Premium Wordpress Themes

Check the top 10 best sites to find premium WordPress themes for your blog. Check them and choose the best WordPress premium theme.

WordPress is the most preferred platform which millions of users across the globe use for blogging. It is used by 14.7% of the top million websites in the world and there are around 22% of the new websites are running with it. WordPress is primarily being used for blogging; however, many webmasters use it for website development. It can develop some complex websites which include e-commerce websites also. WordPress is an open-source tool which means that the resources on this website are contributed by the general public. Hence, there are thousands of themes available for WordPress.

Themes are a must to make a website look beautiful which will further attract visitors. Hence, proper care should be maintained to select the best themes for your WordPress. Mentioned below are some of the premium WordPress themes.

Theme Junkie

Starting in September 2009, Theme Junkie is known for providing world-class premium themes for its customers. At present, customers get a chance to select from 36 themes at just $49. Theme Junkie provides two kinds of membership to their customers – Standard as well as Lifetime. While both the membership provide access to all the 36 themes, Standard membership gives access for just a year and Lifetime membership for a lifetime. This means customers subscribing to lifetime membership will get complete access to all the new themes and receive updates and support for a lifetime.

However, they would have to spend $199 for lifetime support. Theme Junkie can extensively be used for business, magazines, videos, blogs, and galleries. The company also provides some popular themes like Daily Theme, Resizable, and FreshLife which is an Adsense-ready theme. Users looking to buy these themes can also receive special discounts by using Theme Junkie coupons.


MyThemeShop provides premium and productive themes for its users. Unlike Theme Junkie, MyThemeShop provides free themes to users. However, the users subscribing for free themes do not get access to all the new themes. With a payment of $35, the users can get just one theme.

However, if the user wishes to avail of free access to all the themes, they can buy become a member by paying one time $99 sign up fee or $9 per month. Apart from providing access to all the themes and new themes every month, the users also get an option to go for updates and documentation required for building new websites.

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Thesis Theme

Thesis Theme is one of the best SEO-friendly themes available in WordPress. With this group of themes, the users can easily manage the tools without much effort. Thesis themes provide an easy way to manage the WordPress themes. Thesis Theme has an extensive set of themes that can be used to design creative websites and customize them using the WordPress dashboard.

Other features available in the themes produced by this website include built-in tools which include a color scheme picker and golden ratio typography controls. Thesis Theme provides smart design controls for better customization of the themes.

StudioPress Theme

Tagged as the industry standard for Premium WordPress themes, StudioPress is considered to be one of the best websites to shop for versatile WordPress themes. This is the reason over 101,000 website owners have trusted StudioPress. All the StudioPress themes are powered by the Genesis framework which is considered to be one of the websites to create incredible websites with WordPress. The Genesis framework provides SEO-friendly code, responsive HTML5 designs, and themes that can easily be customized and can quickly be used with websites and blogs, Unlimited support, unlimited updates, and just much-needed domain support.

An interesting thing about the genesis framework is that the users can easily run the code in the background without harming the look of the website. It also provides extreme security to the users with plenty of widgets and layout options. Undoubtedly, StudioPress offers extensive themes to buyers. With the Pro Plus package, buyers can get all the presents as well as new themes by paying just $399.95.

Theme Forest

Theme Forest is considered to be one of the biggest providers of premium WordPress themes. It provides new and high-quality themes at a very competitive price (price starts from $3). The homepage of this site has a list of all the themes which the users can sort by Date, Author, Category, Rating, Sales and Price. Sorting by category provides the user access to all the themes based on a specific category while sorting by rating gives access to the themes which are rated as best by the users.


Presently, Theme Forest has over 3,000 themes and over 3,000,000 active members. Apart from providing a list of popular themes to the website owners and bloggers, users can also visit forums and community links of their own choice and start discussions. Some of the popular themes of this site are Karma, Avada, Modernize, Nimble and U-Design.

Mojo Theme

Mojo Theme is an open marketplace where the sellers can sell their themes and buyers can buy them to use on WordPress websites. The website has over 300 WordPress themes. It has some unique designs which can prove to be beneficial for your website. Mojo Themes are produced by Mojoness Inc, which is considered a brand developing various themes.


The homepage of the website has popular WordPress themes and site templates. While the signup is free for the sellers, the buyers downloading the themes need to pay a nominal amount for each of the themes found on the website. Overall, it’s a good website that provides rich content to webmasters.


ThemeFuse has some of the best and most premium WordPress themes and templates. All the themes available on the website give a professional look to the users using them in the WordPress blog. It also provides hosting and domain services to theme buyers. ThemeFuse has a range of WordPress themes ranging from $49 to $99. However, people buying the subscription offer for $17/month can receive all the existing and new themes. There are three basic schemes available for the users: Standard, Developer, and Club Member. Standard Scheme is available for $49/theme.

It provides timely updates of the themes and support on forums with single domain access. The Developer version costs $79/month and provides access to unlimited domains with theme updates, forum updates, and photoshop files. However, the user will not be able to access new themes in the future. Club membership is the best scheme available where the users would be required to pay a $199 sign-up fee along with $17/month to get unlimited domain access, photoshop files, subscription to updates and support and access all the existing themes and new themes at no extra price. The website provides extensive support to all its buyers which are very much useful for new players.


WPZOOM provides premium WordPress themes which look impressive and are very much professional to be used in magazines, news sites, blogs or for business websites. If you are looking to build up a professional news website, then this website has plenty of themes to offer you. At present, the website has 53 such themes which can be used for building news websites. There are three types of the pricing available for the users: Single License, Extended License, and membership. Single License includes only one theme with 12 months of support and updates.

This is available for $75 one-time payment. However, if the user can pay a little extra but discounted price of $125 one-time payment, the user can get access to two themes which include PSD Photoshop files and 12 months of updates and support. Both the options can be used in multiple domains. For taking membership in WPZOOM, the user is required to pay $199 sign up fee and $19 per month. Benefits of membership include access to all the 53 themes with PSD photoshop files, and support access and regular updates.


Canvas, Simplicity and Hustle are some of the popular themes available on this website. WooThemes are powered by WooFramework which helps webmasters to build beautiful and perfect websites. In addition to providing world-class business, personal, and portfolio themes, it also provides WooCommerce themes. In fact, if you are looking for a premium eCommerce theme for your website, WooThemes should be an ideal choice for you. It helps the visitors to see digital and physical products with ease. The website has multiple plug-ins required for each type of theme.

Sign-up to this website is free; however, the themes are available at a reasonable cost. Some of them are even available free of cost. The website offers two kinds of membership to the users – Standard and Developer. Most of the features like access to its 84 themes, one new theme per month, support and theme updates, and unlimited domain use remain the same for both subscriptions; Standard membership does not include photoshop files. The difference in the price is $100 as a signup fee and $10 monthly commitment.

Elegant Theme

If you are looking for professional themes at a lower price, then, Elegant theme is the website where you need to be in. The website offers over 86 themes for just $39, which means you spend not even 50 cents for using a theme. Perhaps, this is the reason that the website has witnessed more than 200,000 customers.

The WordPress themes available on the website provide the best designs and plenty of shortcodes, templates and theme options available in the themes provide full access to the webmaster to control the website he owns. Elegant Theme also provides extensive support for all the themes.

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The above-mentioned themes are designed to provide a professional look to your website. As most of the small website owners use WordPress to host their website, the premium themes is definitely going to provide the much-needed support to the owners. There are different types of membership available to use these themes. Buyers or website owners can use their judgment to buy them.

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