Best Warm-up Exercises for Kids

Kids Warm up ExerciseKids Warm up Exercise

Physical exercise has countless benefits for both adults and kids. However, not many people emphasize the warm-up just before the activity. To appraise yourself on this, visit Term Paper Easy to get more insights on content related to warm-up and physical exercise regimes. Every professional medic and adult understands the need for exercise though many are also ignorant of the vital aspect of warming up, especially for kids before the physical exertion.

Kids form an active age-group, and so parents can get ignorant of the need to remind them about why it’s essential to warm up before physical exertion. So why is warm-up critical from kids?

Importance of Kids Warming Up before a Physical Exercise

The same benefits active adults get from warming up applies to kids as well. Kids profit by warming up through keeping their muscles robust, healthy, and flexible. In as much as a kid’s activity index is high, research shows that through stretching, they can prevent injury incidences and enhance their levels of performance in becoming flexible.

Best Choice Warm-Up Exercises for Kids

Exercises for a warm-up session exist in abundance. For kids, the choice of activity for a warm should be fun so that their attention doesn’t shift and affect their overall application and levels in a game or practice session. Such an exercise can be fixed into a kid’s daily routine and also after or before a sporting event, for instance, a weekly lawn tennis practice or a major tournament.

The key is to reduce the risk of injuries such as a ligament tear that results from inadequate muscle stretching and improve their fitness levels in training and games. Here are some of the critical warm-up exercises.

  • Bridging: It entails a series of steps that a child has to obey. As a parent, you can guide them through until they come to grips with the process.

– The process starts by the kid lying face-up or with their back to the ground. They should ensure their knees are in a bending position.

– The kid should tighten their lower abdominals, squash their buttocks, and then slowly raise it, forming a “bridge” with their body.

– They should hold the position for 5 seconds then lower themselves. Kids should repeat the process at least 20 times.

  • The Single Foot Dead Lift

– The kid should tighten their core and rise on one foot while maintaining the alignment of their knee with their second toe.

– They should then do a single foot squat with their heel intact on the ground as they bend their standing knee to an angle of 45 degrees.

– Repeat the process on each foot for one minute. Here is the guide on how to do it.

  • Squat: Kids should;

– Stand in a vertical position with heels flat squarely on the ground and spaced at shoulder width.

– Keep their hips and core tight, align their knees with their second toe, and thrust their chest up and hips back as they do a controlled and slow squat.

– Repeat each process for a minute each

  • Hip Flexor

– They should lie down on a bed or table

– After that, move their foot lower to the surface until they experience a stretch on their thigh

– Hold the position for 30 seconds before repeating the process three more times.

  • Supine Hip Outward Rotation Stretch

– Kids should start by getting on their backs face up with a foot crossed over their knee.

– Use their hand to push the knee away outwards until they experience a stretch.

– Hold the position for 30 seconds before repeating the process three times.

Here is the helpful video to do that –


Part of good parenting entails setting your kid up for success by teaching them routines that can help them now and in the future. That is their childhood, teenage lives, and in adulthood as they won’t be under your wings forever. The warm-up exercises provided will provide a perfect platform to start and teach them the right ways of life.

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There are long-term advantages of child warm-up exercise, which range from helping your kid to avoid injuries, minimizing their physical setbacks, and back a fun and safe sports introduction in their influential years.

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