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There exist many websites to get free blogs online on web but here we have listed top 10 & the best free online blogging platforms.

Many people in the world are there to have blogging as their leading hobby. There are many online places where one can find out good chances for blogging without any cost. Earlier, only a few websites were there to offer the facility of blogging for one but now there is no limitation for one to wing up its dream through special sites.Free blogs online

WordPress is a weblog hosting supplier which is runned by the open source WordPress software. The site is financially supported by VIP services and by Google Adsense advertising up to some extent.
WordPress free blogs


It is nothing but an online place for those who want to submit their journals, dairy and blogs on the internet. This is an internet-based hub to virtual community that participates for submitting its journals. Livejournal is also open source software that works to run the site.
Livejournal blogs


Earlier known as blogspot, blogger is being preferred by most of the people for free blogging. The blogs posted by users are hosted by sub domains of Google and the user can enjoy good features for blogging here.
Blogger Free Blog

Blog has earned much popularity as the free blogger for a community or individual. This site offers standard blogging services to customers who have signed up for free and premium services for paid members. free blog


This websites is extensively famous for its attractive designing and platform on which it works. The website has simplified the job for its users as they can select any template, custom the design and post their blog instantly.
Blogsome Free Blog site


You will like to know about Tumblr that it offers you the chance of posting video, audio, links, images and text as a short form blog. You can select the service to follow other community members or keep your tumblelog personal.
Tumblr Blog


Weebly possesses an extensive set of service features for users to start blogging right now. There are many well designed templates on which newbies can start blogging. Also, the account in weebly can be logged through the Facebook account.
Weebly blogs


This excellent blog hosting provider is the part of twitter and you need to sign up on the twitter authentication system for blogging over it. One of the most important features about this blogging website is that it offers a completely innovative platform to users for posting their blogs.
Medium free blogs


It is an online question answer platform where one is expected to submit its queries. These queries are answered by the community of bloggers online. The site has employed the blogger facility recently to attract more no. of users.
Quora free blogs


It is an awesome place for those who want to submit their educational blogs. The site works for easy maintenance of t teachers’ and students’ column. Also, there is great opportunity to quickly custom designs there along with the chance of posting images, blogs and podcasts if required.
Edublog Create free edu blogAll these blogging websites are ready to serve you in an exciting way with great deal of reliability. In this way, you can start blogging right now and make your dreams true without investing even a penny in the deal.

We would like to ask our reader – which of these free blogging platforms have you used before or using it now? Make use of comments to let us know.