How to Detect Fake Facebook Account in 10 Easy Ways

Fake Facebook accounts can be easily made and could be used to cause trouble to lots of people worldwide. Nowadays fake accounts have increased in number and are proving to be pretty annoying for people. In this article I will take you through some tricks and ways to detect a fake Facebook account. Face book has come up with some suggestions in recognizing a fake account in one of its social page.FB Fake profileFB Fake profile

Fake Facebook Account

If you are unsure of whether the profile you have gone through is fake or not, you should try out these 10 tips.

This page involves a few steps by which you can protect yourself and your loved ones from fake people.

  1. One can know about a fake account by simply checking the pictures of a certain person. If the account involves just one profile picture, then it can be considered as a fake account.
  2. If the user is not regularly using the account and is not involved in any social activity then there is a possibility that it could be a fake account.
  3. Keeping a track of the recent activities and the code of conduct could help in determining the type of account.
  4. If the friends list involves a lot of opposite gender then it could likely turn out to be fake.
  5. Browsing Google for some random profile pictures might help you ascertain the details of an account.
  6. If it is a female account and has a mobile number, then it might be a fake account.
  7. If an account shows a fake image then you can drag it and search it on Google then it will show some possible links for it. This is a great way to identify fake accounts. . This is also another method to track a fake account.
  8. All one needs to do is just an internet connection and a valid Facebook ID.
  9. Face book has also introduced the new page tracking service which will probably help in sorting things out.
  10. Checking a profile which does not have any status update may also prove to be a fake Facebook account.

These fake accounts are mostly created for fun and sometimes for bad dating. However in the recent past we have seen tremendous increase in Facebook profile for the sake of Internet marketing, requirement for some apps multiple logins.

A little research and detective work could help you stay away from such people and also reading the profile carefully is important. These fake accounts are increasing like population. This was brought up by the Facebook officials If the profile is false then it might not offer much information about the individuals To track a fake account one does not need any technical skills, these methods could be used to do this. It can even be done by a normal person the numbers of experienced cyber criminals are also increasing today.

These cyber criminals may also use your information to create a fake ID on Facebook. Once you ascertain that you are dealing with a fake account, you can immediately take action which will resolve the issue. You probably might get the options of blocking or even to un-friend the fake person. You can even put the individual on probationary period. IP tracing and tracking is another important method to find out the real identity of a person on Facebook. Taking careful action is necessary once the imposter comes to light. However in most cases it is found that they are some random friends who play a prank or school children’s having some fun.

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