9 Best Paying Google AdSense Alternatives 2024 to Make Money Online

AdSense Alternatives 2024: AdSense works but here are the 9 best Google AdSense alternatives that you should consider to choose the next best PPC network.

Making money online has become the priority of technically updated generation rather than an advance source of income. One loves to be active online not only to earn handsome income but also to offer an identity to its business. Ad posting is one of the significant deals in this series for which most of the people rely on the Google AdSense application.

Best AdSense Alternatives

But with the day by day growing options in this field, a good line of Google AdSense alternatives has been developed within a short period of time. If you are also looking for options of the application, the list of advertising networks given below can be helpful to you.

Propeller Ads

In recent years, we found Propeller Media as the best Google Adsense replacement. So if you are banned from Adsense, then try out Propeller Ads once and you will feel the difference. However, Propeller Ads fetches better income when pop-up ads are enabled and this has been our main source of earning. It’s also the network that you should use along with AdSense ads.Propeller Ads mediaPropeller Ads media

Propeller Media Review

Payment Terms: $100 (NET45)
Revenue Expectations: You can earn up to 50% of what you make with AdSense.


This contextual ad network is run by Yahoo and Bing. Enabling the publisher an excellent chance of earning good revenue, the ad network has become the best Google AdSense replacement in no time. We are not just writing for the sake of article but we are working with Media.net since January 2013 and we can only say “So far so good“.

Payment Terms: They pay you on a NET 30 basis once payment reaches $100. Payment via PayPal.

Revenue Expectations – You can get up to 80% of what you can make with AdSense, so for anyone banned from AdSense, this is the right choice.


Those who are disappointed after being banned or rejected by the Google ad sense will like to know about Chitika. The matter of joy is that you do need not any approval for using those ads on your site. After creating your account here, you can search for your job in mobile ads, tag ads, and local ads. The only thing you are expected to compromise with is the PPC rate. Revenue for pay-per-click on this site is not as handsome as in Google ad sense.

Payment Terms: $10 (NET 30)
Revenue Expectations: Almost 25% to 50% less income than Adsense


If you are looking for an excellent option the ad sense after being disappointed by such an advertising site, nothing can work better than Bidvertiser. It is also a pay-per-click site that provides text ads, mobile and slider ads, etc. You will be surprised to know that promotion of the customized toolbar here can also be a good idea for earning good money.

Payment Terms: $10 via Paypal
Revenue Expectations: You can earn up to 40% of what you make with AdSense.


People who are interested in a self-serving kind of advertisement network should definitely search more about Qadabra. This performance-based network needs only 15 seconds to show ads on your sites and possesses a platform for banner and slider ads. You can earn good money with Qadabra even if you do have not much content on your website.

Payment Terms: $5 via PayPal (NET 45)

Revenue Expectations: $0.05 to $0.10 per click.


Professionals trust Infolinks for its space-saving quality. It is totally different from other advertising sites for the reason it does not cover much space for your site. You can select any of the adoptions out of the frame ads, search ads, tag ads, and text ads.

Payment Terms: $50 via Paypal
Revenue Expectations: Depends on In-Text ads performance, CPC


Offering 85 percent revenue of the ad income, Clicksor has secured a special place in the heart of professional PPC workers. This is an awesome contextual advertisement network where you can get various ads formatted by relevant publishers. Various types of banner ads, text ads, link ads, and graphical. Pop-up ads etc. are parts of the advertising network.

Payment Terms: Paypal $50, NET 15
Revenue Expectations: Good income


Like Infolinks, this advertising platform is also familiar to serve hyperlink ads. Although, you can earn a high income with pay-per-click here you should remember not to blunder the content with lots of text ads that can bother your readers.

Payment Terms: $50 via Paypal/Check, NET 30
Revenue Expectations: Existing for years but performs well when integrated for longer terms


While many people go with CPC sites, going through 2014 I would recommend you monetize your site with Adversal ad codes to make money with CPM. Fixed CPM means you don’t need clicks and all those above networks can’t be tried on a single blog or site, but Adversal will fill those empty gaps on your site. Check our complete Adversal review for further understanding.

Payment Terms: $ 20 monthly via PayPal on a NET 30 basis.
Revenue Expectations: Completely different than the above-mentioned CPC networks. For 1000 impressions you can expect a CPM of up to $0.50-$0.70.

If you want to also check out other revenue streams, you can make money by just displaying the banners. We have gone through the 15 best CPM ad networks to help you out.

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