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Video Blogging Tips 2019Video Blogging Tips 2019

Use videos along with images on your website blog post to create amazing illustrative articles. We have listed 5 reasons to use videos.

We know how important are images when you write an article on your blog/website. While images speak thousands of words, videos have become choice of latest generation bloggers. Thanks to YouTube that you can easily upload unlimited videos and embed them on any web page easily. If high-quality images are eye candy on blogs, a video is ice cream. Not everyone is doing it yet and it’s a fantastic way to set your blog apart from all the rest.

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We have listed 5 reasons why you should use videos –

  1. Videos are easier on the viewer – Time is precious. Most people these days would rather watch a 3- minute video than read a 3-page article. It’s the same logic behind many people preferring to watch movies rather than read the book (although you may get into heated discussions on this one).
  2. Videos are great link-bait – A crisp, well-edited video can be informative, funny, and terribly easier to share than even a witty article. We live in a very visual age and videos can add the splash to your blog that text cannot.
  3. Videos make for great tutorials – Many readers learn visually rather than through text. This is why many how-to posts use screen captures, but even this can become tedious for the blogger and difficult to follow for some viewers. With a video, you can simply record your actions with a camera rather than repeatedly capturing screens, editing them in a photo editing program, and pasting them into your post.
  4. Videos can give you credibility – A byline can still be relatively anonymous in the blogosphere; a face is not. Viewers know how scary it can be to stand in front of a camera and they know you’re taking a risk by revealing your face to the world. It’s understood that by putting yourself in front of the camera, you make a promise to the viewer that it is worth their time. If you deliver on your promise, you are allowing the viewer to feel more connected to your blog, which deepens the trust the viewer has with you. The more trust you develop as a blogger with viewers, the more faithful viewers you will have. In fact, an introductory video to the site and to yourself is a great addition to an About Me page.
  5. Videos are still unconventional – Not everyone has the equipment or patience to make videos to post to their blogs. By making this commitment, you automatically gain an edge over many of your competitors.

Video Blogging Tips

If you decide that video blogging will help your blog, keep the following tips in mind –

  1. Do your research – Figure out the recording and lighting equipment and editing software you will require. A good video is rarely is simple as pointing your smartphone camera at something and hitting record. Visit other blogs with video that you don’t feel compelled to stop watching. Make a list of what elements in a video drew you in—the person’s smile, adequate lighting, snappy editing—and those that didn’t work so well.
  2. Invest or rent the appropriate equipment – This includes lighting equipment, although you’re always better off with natural light.
  3. Practice good hygiene – Tame your hair, wear appropriate makeup, and dress nicely before appearing on camera. Don’t let your viewers catch you in your pajamas!
  4. Practice editing footage – There’s nothing wrong with free editing software like Windows Movie Maker, but if you’re looking for something snazzier, be prepared to pay for it.
  5. Keep videos relatively short – Just because you have 20 minutes of footage doesn’t mean you should use it. The best videos are the ones you watch from start to finish without feeling like you’ve wasted time.

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