4 Top Apps to Check Live Cricket Score on Mobile

Apps To Check Live Cricket ScoreApps To Check Live Cricket Score

Check out 4 top apps to check live Cricket Score on Mobile(Android and iPhone).

Are you a cricket addicted person and always want to keep an eye over the score of the match? As, there are always some tournaments going on under International Cricket Council (ICC) which is telecasted on many television channels but now as soon as the smartphones are taking on the market. The web developers realized the need of telecasting the cricket score on the application and therefore make it easy for the people to access the score of a cricket match in their busy schedule of life.

Top Apps to Check Live Cricket Score on Mobile

There is always an enthusiasm amongst the audience of Country playing the cricket but specially the Indian audience loves watching the game and they are always very excited to the score of the match going on. Though it is not the national game of India it is in the heart of India. So, if you are searching for a solution to catch and watch the score of each and every game of your wish then you have knocked the correct doors for sure. Today, we are discussing the application available on the Internet currently that is best for checking the live cricket score.

As the Cricket stays on throughout the year, similarly the applications stay on throughout the year and make the user satisfaction with the service they are providing.  

We have tried to mention all the basic features of the application and the advanced features that the application offers the user to enjoy. You can compare the application on the basis of common features and the added features of each application. A direct link is available within the article which would redirect to the application directly without any obstruction.

The following are the best Android Apps to check live Cricket Score on mobile:

ESPN Cricinfo

ESPN Cricinfo is one of the best live score apps owned by the ESPN television channel owner only. They expanded their hands in the field of application field too to just make their monopoly over the whole broadcasting market of cricket from score to television. Now, when we are in an advanced lifestyle of android and there are many different kinds of features that are provided by the ESPN Cricinfo application available for download.

There are plenty of in-app purchases in this ap but you can get it fixed easily using Lucky Patcher App in your Android. You can download the Apk of the game from the link available below or simply go to Google Play Store and install it from there.


  • High Speed of updating the score and nice commentary with nice language.
  • Scorecard, commentary and summary everything is available on the application.
  • Images from the match, the best images and highly defined images which explains the mood of the game.

Play Store – Espn Cricinfo


Cricbuzz is another very effective and fine working application that presents the live cricket score available to the user. Cricbuzz is one of the application which tends to report the fastest updated scorecard always.

The app is rich in content and features and users can easily navigate around to find what they are looking for. Simply go to the Google Play Store and install it from there.

Some brief information about the game is mentioned below which would probably help you out to distinguish between the games discussed.


  • One of the finest user interface of the applications available for checking the live score updates on your Android device.
  • Simultaneously, the user can keep an eye on many different aspects of the game such as who is playing and who is bowling and what is the score, individual score with a number of sixes and fours. Similarly, with bowler’s stat of a number of overs bowled and wickets taken.
  • Images from the match, the best images and highly defined images which explains the mood of the game.

Play Store Link for Cricbuzz App Download

NDTV Cricket Live Score App

NDTV is another very fine application to check live cricket score. Although ranging from the television channel to the website broadcasting news and the application to check live cricket score, NDTV has spread its wings all over the market and is providing a quality of service in every field.

The website that we have discussed in the earlier article of NDTV has been a trending one in recent times and a similar case is with the applications too to check the live cricket score and commentary on the mobile application for android users.

You can download NDTV app Apk of the game from the link below or go to Play Store and search for NDTV app and install.


  • Scorecard, commentary and summary everything is available on the application.
  • Simultaneous view of the scorecard which provides maximum information one can get under the single roof.
  • Images from the match, the best images and highly defined images which explains the mood of the game.

  Play Store link for NDTV App

Star Sports App

Star Sports is one of the finest looking applications among the applications available on Google Play Store to check live cricket score. But the design of the application is not the only one factor which attracts the audience, it is the effectiveness of work and functions, the features that it provides which attracts the users towards any application.

Though the developers are working regularly and making out the updates available for the applications with upcoming fixtures, statistics, social media integration and many other things which make the website crash.

But, if we observe the applications in an overall mode then the application is providing a lot of features and a nice interface to watch and check the fast updates of live cricket score on the application. You can get the App from Play Store.

Play Store – Star Sports

Towards the END

Lastly, we would recommend you to download the applications mentioned above in the article. All the applications are well tested under different aspects which are required by a number of people in the audience and user in the application. Now, you can enjoy the live score updates on the single tip of your android device.

Android users are increasing day by day as the demand of the user’s increases. We are discussing the applications available for different kinds of work on Google Play Store.

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Hope you have a blasting day ahead with the live updates of England Vs India series and many other tournaments going on in the world.

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