10 Best IoT Tools – Top Tools for Internet on Things

Internet of Things or IoT has been a favorite topic of discussion for business areas and developers who have tried hard to make life of common people much better and fruitful. Defining this particular term will be a little bit complicated and difficult but IoT has shown utmost results in the potential areas of internet and connectivity. Communication has improved a lot between humans and devices which has been greatly possible due to latest innovations and development in the field of communication technology.Best IOT ToolsBest IOT Tools

Best IoT Tools

So, what is IoT basically? Well, IoT can be described as the much hyped technology which is often used by human beings and business models to extract data from internet transmissions by using other compatible devices. Kevin Ashton used this word for the first time in 1999 which has carved out a different niche since then.

Today, everything ranging from automated devices to M2M products and other interconnected services are using the concept of Internet of Things which is further generating trillions of revenue for the service providers and manufacturers. Of course, this is a huge margin which contributes to the global economy every year thus; we should learn here about the top 10 tools and technology service which has been contributing in the success of IoT.

Axeda – With the use of Axeda, you will feel free to implement M2M and IoT applications in the business. This is basically a cloud-based platform which can be applied to manage connected machines and products without compromising with quality and cost of data transformations.

You can use it in the tasks of data configuration and data provisioning along with integration services which comprise of deployment and development of various applications for business process optimization purpose. Key features of Axeda include affordable cost routing, machine data integration, SOAP/REST services, C2C communications and asset monitoring.


Java Embedded solutions offered by Oracle IoT platform enables the client to facilitate all types of seamless communication among elements of IoT architecture. It is capable of connecting the endpoints of millions of devices to capture endless data and provide real-time response.

There are various kinds of solutions offered by Oracle which can be named as Oracle Java ME Embedded, SE Embedded, Oracle Event processing and Embedded Suite that will definitely serve your technology needs and purposes at the best. Authentic middleware capabilities, communication facilitation and M2M platform support are the main features of Oracle solutions.


Connecting a device or product with Etherios Device Cloud will be much easier for clients who want to gain real-time visibility into assets.

It is basically a PaaS solution which boasts of offering robust CRM capabilities secured infrastructure, wireless lab and excellent machine data integration facility through the Social Machine. Of course, any connected enterprise will be privileged to use the Cloud Connector and Custom Solutions for better results.


IoT solutions offered by SAP ease the task of multi-directional communication and connectivity so that device interaction can be greatly improved.

Some of the useful and highly effective features of SAP are monitoring assets, data integration with distribution analytics, traffic control, and software update remotely and repairing logistics bottlenecks.

Sine-Wave Technologies

Deployment, management and building of IoT applications would be much easier with excellent APIs offered by Sine-Wave Technologies that will prove to be highly beneficial for remote asset management.

Business Adapter Framework and open platform from this tool will extend support to any device and allows you to integrate systems of legacy back-office.


This platform is purely industrial in nature which addresses the major needs of IoT such as security, autonomous control, and legacy evolution support and strength reliability.

It has got a wide variety of stacks, interfaces, chips and modules for different kind of clients and industries.


Strength of IoT apps can be garnered and unlocked by Exosite with the help of visual Analytics and cloud service technologies.

You can easily gain valuable insights with this platform which really reduces infrastructure complexities in no time. Many other development kits are also made available by Exosite for deploying IoT apps.


If you really want to contribute to IoT revolution, Carriots can offer you real-time platform with which connecting devices and developing apps will be much easier task. It has got multiple platforms for device type and hardware support which is capable of managing hardware and configurations on remote basis.

Nimbits – The main job of Nimbits, PaaS solution to retrieve large data amount from devices, initiate complex analytics, trigger events and interconnect cloud. It can be downloaded on Google App Engine, Amazon EC2, Web Server and Raspberry Pi.

XobXob – Communication and interaction between devices will be greatly improved with this cloud service which functions as mailboxes to receive or send messages.

Streamlining of processes will be much easier for the consumer because it provides wide ranges of sample products.

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