Download Android App from Play Store to APK Directly

Check out how to download/convert all Android App from Play Store to APK directly.

When one buys an Android phone, one opens up lot channels of entertainment for oneself. Not just that, there are so many applications that can be downloaded on an Android device that one would never run out of entertainment. Not just that, gaming has taken an all new turn with the coming up of new games which can be downloaded from the play store along with the applications and other things.Google Play LogoGoogle Play Logo

Play Store to APK

But many a times one wants an application to be in a particular form or in a particular format when he/she downloads it. Therefore here is taking to see how Android app can be downloaded directly from the Play store as APK either into the phone directly or via a personal computer. Some of the applications which are not officially approved by Google Play Store, can be installed on Android devices by download the file with .APK extension. Now there are lot many sources of finding APK source link for any app, even the official apps.

What Advantages

  • Sometimes, official app is removed from Play Store due to malware or consider the case of Flappy Birds (Game developer itself removed the app even it was popular). In such cases you can have APK backup readily available.
  • Secondly, when you format your phone or change your device, you will no longer have to download the app seperately. Just install the APK directly.
  • This results in saving data (extremely useful when you have limited data plans).

Since Google Play simply does not let an APK formats app to be downloaded on the personal computer directly, and this is the default, but then there are ways in which one can download things from Google Play on the computer itself. If one can just click once on the APK download application which is an APK package file from Google Play itself that would be like the easiest way to download it. Evozi has made this possible and hence any device which is android and listed in Google play will be able to support this.

URL of any app has to be entered on the space provided in Google Play and the button which says ‘generated download link’ has to be clicked once. The APK download application will get the app that you have listed and searched for and will further more will host on a server that it has so that you can download it directly from there in an APK format. This method has to be used at one’s own risk because it is against the policies that are mentioned.

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