List of Popular 15 Best Sites for Free Social Media Icons Online

Free Social Media Icons OnlineFree Social Media Icons Online

List of Popular 15 Best Sites for Free Social Media Icons Online.

Numerous useful and top-rated websites are available on the internet that can really provide dimensions to the social media icons. Sets and individual icons for social media can be also downloaded from these portals which will make your journey more fruitful and attractive for the users.

Readers will certainly like to click on these icons because they are elegant, boast of traditional values and modernity which can readily be shared.

Free Social Media Icons

The recent trend likes you to have highly functional, customized and great looking social media icons for the valued users and visitors to share or recommend the posts to community or circles on different platforms.

Listed below are the 15 best sites to download free social media icons sets online and use it for your need –

Free Social Media Icons

You will find here a large set of social media icons, usually available in the zipped file format which can be easily downloaded. Of course, your taste and choice will matter here and that is the reason why these social media icons are organized into multiple folders and are available in different resolutions and formats.

Icon Finder

Different kinds of icons are present on this website with plenty of them being offered in free. Download options for individual social media icons are available.

Soft Icons

As per your choice of the social media icon, you can download these icons in a set or individually. These icons are either ICO or PNG format files, available in variety of sizes.

Elegant Themes

Interested users will find almost 42 sets of social media icons, well designed with elegant borders, shadows, fading and rounder corners. Of course, they are free to be downloaded.

Nifty Buttons

This website will offer social media icons in plenty of styles and sets, with provision of buttons. You can simply download to integrate icons with your blogs or posts.

Gray Circle Icons

Coded and gray circles icons for the social media use and sharing are available in 5 different sizes in each of the 20 sets. Customization option is also available with light or dark gray colors. Codes are provided with each of the social media icons which will help the user to directly insert them into your website.

Basic Icons

As the name indicates, these social media icons are extremely simple but functional. Of course, they will not boast of any exceptional style or pattern but they can be downloaded in different sizes.

Metro Style Icons

Uniqueness and simplicity are two most vital features of these social media icons. Matt Gentle and Alex Banaga have created these simple icons.

Harkable: Dribble Shots

With a 3D look, these icons are attractive and simple for your websites.

44 Simple Icons

Luke Taylor has created these free downloadable, clean and very much basic social media icons.

Social Media Balloons

You can consider these social media icons as speech bubbles and they can be used for commercial or personal websites. However, you will be needed to buy a license for using these icons on pages like WordPress.

Colorful Icons

Your page will become more funny and meaningful after adding these colorful, clean and fancy social media icons. Michael Dolejs has created them as a set of 12 icons.

Stained and Faded Icons

If you want some classic and custom modeled social media icons well suited to your blog theme, these icons are really rare and useful.

Vector 3D Icons

Amazing set of 3D icons and since they are designed with vector orientations, you can easily customize them to the look and appeal of your website.

Pixel Perfect

In the list of 81 icons for social media use, you can choose one of the best from either 16 or 32 pixels. Of course, these icons can be used for personal or commercial blogs in free.

So, those were some of the best tools to get free social media icons.

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