Top 10 Best SEO Mobile Apps For Android and iOS List

best SEO Mobile Apps For Androidbest SEO Mobile Apps For Android

Here check out the list of top 10 Best SEO Mobile Apps for Android and iOS that you can use.

These days, mobile phones are developed in a sophisticated and comfortable manner as SEO work is also finding the best place on the screen. Due to the multi-dimensional and complications of SEO practices, business owners are considering to use SEO in mobile because of its constant changes. SEO mobile apps help you to stay connected with mobile gadgets without any complicated numbers and layouts.

Here are the lists of top 10 best SEO mobile apps for Android and iOS devices. If you are in need of essay writing services then you can consider for to get cost-effective service without compromise in quality.

Google Analytics

Google Analytics known to be the must-have app on your Android or iOS device. This mobile app is free of cost and it is quite useful in transferring your Google Analytics information to a mobile phone in a well-organized manner. It is helpful in correlating your SEO data with ROI and provides you KPIs like time on site & complete page views and also let you compare various metrics from varying time frames.

Analytics app is pretty amazing because you can able to view all the significant information including real-time visitors.

Download Google Analytics for Android

Download Google Analytics for iOS


SEOEdge is known to the famous SEO application for Android and iPod Device. With the availability of this mobile application, you can check your keyword ranking for any website in the Google.

It is completely free-of-cost and you can get many interesting features by purchasing pro pack within this application. Furthermore, you can also check your keyword ranking based on backlinks and country.

Terms Free Pro Pack
Profiles 2 max Unlimited
Keywords 5 max Unlimited
Export rankings to CSV No Yes
iCloud syncing No Yes

Download SEO Edge for iOS


This app deals with keyword research. By just typing the phrase or word, the app will display you the detailed results on search competition and volume for your entered word.

The SEOCockpit mobile app is known to be the mobile productivity tool which caters to your SEO needs. This app will improve your productivity by viewing existing keyword folders & ideas while using it.

ISEO: SEO Audit app for Android

iSEO is the SEO audit tool for Android. This is known to be the great tool especially if you are fascinated in knowing about the ranking of various webpages all over the internet. Suppose, if you consider to analyze web pages for the sake of guest posting opportunities or wish to analyze the competitor then this app will offer good results in easily understandable format.

The best part of this application is that you can mail all your results and findings to colleagues by getting paid version.

SEO Automatic

This app is quite useful for performing deep analysis on server-side optimization and on-page factors. The thing which makes this mobile app distinct is that it will offer you suggestions regarding what to carry out depending on the data it collects regarding the website.

SEO automatic app also offers alerts and application for various webpage elements like alt tags and XML.

Link Juice

This mobile application has been suggested for performing advanced SEOs because it is quite complex to use but it offers high-quality information regarding specific web pages. You are insisted to type the domain name or website URL and hence you will get information regarding backlinks, anchor text, domain authority etc. This app is quite useful if you are extremely serious about SEO.

SEO Keyword Checker

One of the best SEO mobile apps from your iOS and Android device is SEO Keyword Checker. This app offers you useful information which you are working on SEO. It is available for free of cost and helps in analyzing the webpage & offers you essential information regarding webpage keyword density and keyword usage.

You can install this application on your mobile to know your website keyword usage.

Raven Tools

This is one of the beneficial SEO tools which are developed for the Apple phones. It stands top in the list of best SEO apps. You need to have paid version of the app to enjoy exclusive features.

By having the free app on your mobile, you can track your efforts on social media and have access to all analytics and metrics by calculating ROI. This app is considered to be more useful for advanced SEO purposes.

SEO Stats

This application is best and easy-to-use compared to all others. It provides you detailed information regarding where to stand while you consider for social networks like Twitter, Digg, and Facebook. You can get a free version of this app from the Google Play Store.


This application offers much more than just giving information on analytical data. The interface of marketing grader offers you the perfect score with regards to lead generation, blogging, social media, mobile optimization, and SEO.

It really tracks the content for the purpose of online marketing. This app works well on your Android and iOS devices.


Thus, by making use of the above-mentioned SEO apps you can able to meet your search engine optimization needs easily. Consider downloading these apps from Google Play Store to enjoy extensive features.

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