10 Top Reasons Why Twitter Account Suspended or Deleted – Re-Instate Process

Twitter account suspendedTwitter account suspended

People often find it easier to update their status on Twitter but once the account gets suspended; it would be tough for reactivating the account. It is always better to read the terms and conditions for the use of Twitter account if you really want uninterrupted and pleasing service in the future.

Twitter do not make any delay in suspending an account of the user if it finds that something is wrong or the valued user has broken laws and rules.

Top causes of Twitter Account Suspended

The following are the top reasons that we found why your Twitter Account was suspended –

Aggressive Following/Unfollowing – Following people aggressively may result in a suspended Twitter account which should be surely avoided. At the same time, aggressive unfollowing may also result in account suspension which seems unpleasing but it is a bitter truth.

Content Duplicity

If you are the one who posts duplicate content on your account on regular basis, your account is definitely going to be suspended. For smooth access to your account, make it sure that same content is not being twitted repeatedly.

Using Abusing or Foul Words

Twitter is a platform for secure, respectful and sincere communication where you should never try to abuse other person. For abusing or using foul languages, your account will be immediately suspended.

Run your Account smoothly, Avoid being Blocked by others

It may happen that your twitter account has been blocked by other valued customers due to any reason such as spamming or duplicate content posting, which may also lead to account suspension.

Avoid Posting Vulgar Contents or Phishing

If your account is indulged in posting vulgar contents to followers or anybody else and phishing actions, Twitter has got the right to suspend your account.

Multiple Accounts

You should ensure that multiple accounts are not being run on Twitter with the same name and email address otherwise; all your accounts will be suspended simultaneously.

Posting Spams

Twitter will never bear any action which resembles spamming for celebrities and other popular profiles that will surely land in account suspension.

Support to reinstate Suspended Twitter Accounts

Twitter has carved out its niche and reputation in the past few years by setting up new social media trends where you can easily interact with your ideal persons and celebrities. Account suspension in such cases might play havoc with the social life of a person.

You will find here some of the common procedures about how to reinstate suspended accounts on Twitter.

Finding whether Twitter account is Suspended

One of the essential steps to take here is to find whether your account is suspended or not. For this, just log into your Twitter account.

Reason for Account Suspension

It should be noted here that you can only contact Twitter customer support section if you have not violated any rules and terms of service.

Contact Twitter

You can visit https://support.twitter.com/forms/general?subtopic=suspended this page and click on the link for Account Restoration to fill out the form.

Writing an Apology Mail

You can also send an apology mail to Twitter in a convincing manner stating that you acknowledge your guilt or mistake and it will not be repeated in the future.

Wait for Official Reply

Twitter will then reply to your account restoration mail in sometime to your registered email ID but you should never send such mails again and again which may be considered as an interruption. Reply this response mail accordingly again to Twitter along with the apology letter and get the account re-activated.

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