How to Manage Bandwidth on Google Chrome Browser for Android Devices

How to manage bandwidth on Google Chrome Browser for Android devices including phones & tablet PCs

Google Chrome is the fastest browser and they owe this title. It’s widely used thanks to availability for various platforms like Windows/ iOS/ Linux PCs, Android/iOS/Windows phones and tablet PCs. Google Chrome for mobile phones and tablet PCs includes an option to render pages faster and this settings are directly available for user controls. Whether you want to enable preload webpages or disable it, there can be controlled very easily.Google Chrome AndroidGoogle Chrome Android

This article is all about how you can manage bandwidth on your Google Chrome Browser for Android devices including phones and tablet PCs.

Google Chrome Bandwidth Management

According to Google, Preload webpages options in Chrome browser for mobiles devices open pages on the web faster deviating where user might go next from a particular page while you are on the current viewing page. The files required to loaded the predicting pages will be loaded in the background and once you hit the designating page it opens up immediately. However if you are on slow data connection (2G or 3G) the results might be absconding and we recommend you to enabled this option while you are on WiFi or when connected to 4G data connection.

Bandwidth Management can be access on your Google Chrome for mobile and tablet by following the below mentioned path –

  • Open Google Chrome app from app drawer.
  • Tap on Menu button and go to Settings.
  • In Settings, Under Advanced tap on Bandwidth management.
  • Tap on Preload webpages.
  • You can select any of the following options –
    • Always: When you select this option, Chrome will preload webpages even automatically without worrying on what type of data source you are connected.
    • Only on Wi-Fi: Preload webpages while you are using Wi-Fi not mobile data.
    • Never: Never preload webpages.

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With that, you will be able to have control on managing bandwidth on Android Chrome browser.

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