Block Incoming Calls on Android Phones- Best Android Call Blocker Apps

With the advent of globalization, people have started to work and contact beyond boundaries more efficiently. For a businessperson every call means a prospective consumer and for individuals calls means his social circle that, leads to its happiness. However, the electronic era also introduced spam calls and messages bringing a halt to routine life.Call blocker for AndroidCall blocker for Android

Best Android Call Blocker Apps

Marketing and spam callers are becoming a trouble for everybody and interrupting important meetings, and special occasions. Therefore, if you are tired of the annoying callers, try the following five best-ever android apps for call blocking and filtering on your android phone.

Best Android Apps to Filter and Block Calls are –

Mr. Number

Mr. Number is an extremely powerful call and text blocker that also aids in identification of unknown callers (For US only). It comes with an integrated Caller ID that identifies individual callers by reverse lookup. With Mr. Number, you can easily block calls and texts by number or using an area code.

You can open your entire call and text log at this single platform without the need to open the application every now and then. Moreover, you can report the spam calls and text to warn and help others.

Download Mr. Number via Google Play on your Android device.

Call Control

Call Control is another dedicated app for call blocking and filtering with a community blacklist making it unique and extremely powerful. This blacklist consists of unwanted callers list flagged by community members and reported to the community to block them.

The integration with FCC Do Not Call Registry automatically reduces your trouble of entering thousands of individual spammers. You can create your personalized blacklist and whitelist of callers. It offers the feature of sending calls to voicemail or hanging up the caller. It also supports backup of lists to SD card or other device. Most importantly, it is 100% Ad free.

Download Call Control via Google Play on your Android device.

Calls Blacklist

Calls Blacklist is a two in one application that is the simplest, convenient, and handy app blocks unwanted calls and SMS with efficient management of blacklist. In addition, it would not overload your system memory or resources. Therefore, if you need a basic app to control your callers, this is the one that you will need.

You can block any number from you call or message logs or you can enter a number manually. Whenever a blocked number calls you, you will not be distracted, as you will not see any sign of a call.

Download Calls Blacklist via Google Play on your Android device.

NQ Call Blocker

NQ Call Blocker is one of the best android apps that come with premium filtering features. It blocks the unwanted calls and ensuring complete privacy protection. It provides features like Black List, Block unwanted calls and messages, privacy eraser, and contact backup. With this, you have the freedom to reject, forward or reply calls along with an auto generated SMS.

You can easily block spam SMS and erase call history for protecting private data. It protects your private space by creating fake space and hiding your private data therefore, you need not worry about privacy leakage anymore.

Download NQ Call Blocker via Google Play on your Android device.


WhosCall App is yet another android app that not only blocks annoying callers and messages but also aids in securing privacy. It offers easily customizable call blocking facility where you have the freedom to select how/when/which call or SMS needs to be blocked. It also supports easy backup facility, automatic erasing of call log, private SMS space, group blocking, and many more excellent features.

You can set your phone on ringing even if it is on silent mode for your customized white list numbers. It is a password-protected app and you can even hide the app icon, so that others would not even know about it.

Download WhosCall via Google Play on your Android device.

Although you can use the DND facility offered by the companies however, these are specialized apps, which offers, many additional advantages. Think when you have a notepad then why use a Microsoft word processor. Similar is the case with these apps. These are dedicated only to block unwanted calls and call management. Therefore, now no more irritating spam callers when you have these best apps. You can use any one of them and get rid of distracting calls when you are busy with you work. There are many app available in the market however; the above-mentioned five are amongst the best.

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