How to Access Live Traffic Camera in Brazil on Android Phones

Here in this guide check out how to access Live Traffic Camera in Brazil on Android Phones.

Access to current traffic is must when you are planning to catch a train or flight. If you know what traffic would be ahead in the junction, then you can easily take the alternative route to reach your destination.

Live Traffic Camera in Brazil

Provided here is the guide on how to access Live Traffic Camera in Brazil on Android Phones.

Traffic cameras and its purpose

Traffic cameras can play a decisive role when it comes to monitoring the traffic on the roads of Brazil. They are different from red light cameras; as the latter is always been used to catch hold of the motorists or speeding drivers who run through the red light, sending the pictures and ticket to the culprit.

They are also different from the speed guns which are installed on the freeways and highways to monitor the speeds of the vehicles. The purpose of these cameras is to catch the live pictures of the vehicles and send it to the drivers as a fine/penalty for not following the traffic rules. The purpose of traffic cameras is different.

They are usually been installed at various intersections in the Brazil highways primarily for the purpose of ensuring safety – just to watch for the accidents or ensure the safety issues (stopping anti-social activities) surrounding the motorists riding on the highway. However, of late traffic cameras are also being used to send live traffic pictures to the motorists or drivers who are on their way to work, school or any other place.

How do they work?

Traffic cameras are installed in most of the major intersections, inside the underpasses, tunnels or alongside a roadway which Department of Transportation deem fit. The cameras are mounted at high rise points so that they can easily cover the major part of the roads. Each of these cameras is connected by optic fiber cables which are laid alongside the highways or roads.

These live feeds of the cameras are controlled centrally at the main monitoring center where the employees are trained to watch for the accidents or any other safety issues which arise on the roads.

Uses of traffic cameras

Traffic cameras are used for multiple purposes, viz., for monitoring the traffic in and around a particular location, to watch for accidents, vehicle fire, etc. at various locations in the roads, especially during the emergencies. The cameras prove to be useful in the tunnels as the vehicle monitoring team can send the emergency response service within no time.

Brazil Traffic Camera Android App

Drowning Zebra is a new Android app especially being built for the Brazil traffic cameras. This app provides live feed of hundreds of cameras which are connected to different streets of eight major cities in Brazil; viz. Sao Paulo, Rio Janerio, Curitiba, Salvador, Vitoria, Recife, Belo Horizonte and Fortaleza. Motorists of all the eight cities can take the benefits of this service.

This android app proves to be beneficial for the drivers who want to avoid busy traffic zones. The android app works only when it is connected to an internet connection. There is a menu button which the users can use to customize the application. The app is designed in such a way that the users can search by street, or select their place from the map.

Download Brazil Traffic Cameras via Google Play on your Android Phone.

Traffic cameras have their own utilities and the android app plays a crucial role to help people to reach their destinations much earlier.

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How to Access Live Traffic Camera in Brazil on Android Phones

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