5 Reasons Why Your Site Isn’t Making Sustainable Income

Blogging income reducedBlogging income reduced

Running a blog or website since a long time, know here the reasons why your site isn’t able to make sustainable income online.

Over the last few years, there has been a tremendous rise in a number of blogs, sites, thanks to success stories of top bloggers. You can check World’s Blogger Directory for reference of top bloggers & blogosphere around the world. One who has found interest in writing for any blog will certainly start a blog of his own and many will just try their hands reading ebooks like make four-figure income working 1-2 hour per day or become a millionaire within XYZ time.

However, in the race of making money, online many of them are just left behind and only a few of them have achieved success. Everyone endures that their site should make enough money to spend their livelihood apart from paying for hosting, domain renewal & promotion.

We always read about success stories but where does the failure goes? If your quest for why my earning is low or why my site is unable to earn? Then you have arrived at the right place to understand where you are failing night and day. In this article, we go through several reasons why the maximum of bloggers are unable to earn a sustainable income from them blog quickly making them feel blogging is not their cup of tea, finally, it shows the room for an exit.

Here it goes –

Shortfall in Efforts

At start, everyone is active and have enthusiasm because you have invested on a blog and you expect it to count. Although your dream big after a couple of months 60 % of the bloggers find them hard to inspire themselves to continue the same spirit. It’s seen that people whose interest in blogging goes gradually they don’t see results going the usual way. Finally, as your blog grows older results show out and they lose hope from their site. They stop working further on the blog and that vanish away the results.

Paucity in Promotion

By watching television, reading newspapers, you might have understood the concept that ‘what you see is what generates more sales’. So advertising is key here. Just like the case of real world advertising and promotion grows the attention of readers, conversely, no promotion will lead to not much of happenings. So you need to promote your blog in the every enlarging blogosphere.

If you are just writing content thinking that it’s just enough to get good enough for your blog then you are wrong. Social networking sites have completely changed the face of blog/website promote. For professional there is Twitter, Facebook can generate a good number of visitors. Networking with other bloggers & SEO plays a vital role here. So if your blog lacks promotions I am sure search engine will not credit your site and it will receive little response or no traffic at all.

Absence of Keyword Rich Content

Everyone including Google suggests that your blog should be rich in content and it should also include the focus keywords. Failing to do so will result in showing up negative results on Google SERPS. This is why everyone says content is king and we at Advices Academy adding to that makeup “keyword rich content is key” to stay away from losing your blog.

Lack of Patience

Our ancestors keep saying ‘you should have the patience to achieve success, it will come one day’. Patience is the most important factor on which success or failure of a blogger is dependent. You can find a hundred bloggers who didn’t get the expected results even though they have worked hard and quits ultimately citing at results outcome. So before you quit have enough patience and also make sure you don’t fall short in efforts to your blog.

No Interaction with Readers

Many bloggers just start a blog thinking to make money but they simply forget what blogging really does mean. To define you in short blogging is what done by John Chow, Matt Cutts, Amit Agarwal & lot more. They all have famous blogs and be whoever the reader they interact with them. Their interaction is when anyone asks them something, comments on a blog post seeking answer & lot more in practical. No reply or very late reply from the bloggers will seek no interest from the readers.

Trying Too Many Things at Once

As I see many bloggers, they try out lot many things at once. After initial enthusiasm on their blog, they try out affiliate marketing, product sales & data entry work, etc., etc.,. Again this is wrong practice that they are following. Achieving a success in a field requires a lot of patience, hard work and time. The more your put, the sooner you get. So don’t try out too many things at once, just going one by one and achieving success.

I hope you might have understood that why your site isn’t making sufficient enough money. If any other problem persists then we would like to help you sort it out. Do let us know via comments.

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