10 Best VPS Hosting Plans, Providers

Best VPS hostingBest VPS hosting

Are you looking for a VPS hosting provider? We have gone through a collection of 10 Best VPS hosting plans 2019, providers based on intensive online research.

In web hosting ecology lot, many types are servers are available to host your site. Among them are the shared hosting, VPS hosting, dedicated hosting and recently popular yet new cloud hosting.

Best VPS Hosting Plans 2019

VPS is something which is being widely discussed these days. Everyone wants to have more information on it but the problem remains that none of the answers are as clear as expected.

What we need to know are the best hosting plans and providers and we need reviews which can tell us about this. Hence the recommendations that should be given are mentioned below so that it will help the users to get their answers clearly.

They have all been used and tested and therefore the reviews have been given so precisely –


They are quality providers and are available in several places. Virtuozzo/cPanel based VPS is what they offer to choose, and the best part is they don’t overload. Their reputation is good and the support system is excellent via Ticket(optional live chat support). Read Knowhost Review

VPS plans start from $25 per month with 15% discount on any VPS plan.

Secure Dragon

This is one way you can host what you feel like. A company which is small and new but has passionate people working for it. VPSes that they have are very small (32MB/64MB) and big as well (OvZ/KVM systems). Their transparency and system of working is very good and up to date.

Starting Plan Price – $9.99 per year


VPS which run on SSD is super fast and that is that one feature about this which makes it different. DDOS protection, services everywhere out of several new and old locations, their blazing performance are worth mentioning.


Stocks are only released by them when they think that the support system is available. They are one of the best providers, with good plans and good reputations and participation on WHT they are capable of giving amazing performances. Linode or 6sync you will find both at a good speed. They have a lot more cool features like custom control panel, MySQL for $1 a month and therefore this is highly recommended.


Xen based VPS and similarity to 6sync is what this offers, along with a lot of communities and speed. The documentation of wiki and library along with the forum is excellent. This comes with a feature of looking out for locations. The power might not be that good, but the communities draw attention.


KVM based performance and super fast working, this one is really impressive. R1soft backups provides with good pricing but they are not cheap. The same bandwidth is not given, but because of the speed it is worth the buy. The people involved in this are really sharp and confident about their work.


This is the best recommendation and is similar to known host on the basis of VPS. They have a system whose support is available 24*7 and they offer a lot of products like dedicated servers, hybrid and dedicated cores, SSD VPS and of course VPS. They have a lot of features like they don’t over load, customized panels, and excellent system support. In fact this is one of the most contacted service providers.

Dream Host

This company is known for adding new features every now and then. It has a number of features like unlimited email ids, proper bandwidths, supporting Google apps and also giving you an all-round support system which is really helpful.


Unlimited bandwidth is the most prominent feature of this company and it also provides with unlimited space. It has varied plans that can suit ones need and want. The longer you stay with the company, the better discounts you get on the bill.


This is one company that cares about your money and gives you a starting plan with a really small amount. The features available with these ranges from unlimited file transfer, disk space, email and a free domain for registration. The basic plans are also very convenient and affordable.

They are a little different because the basic is also very user-friendly. One click and you can install the WordPress, e-commerce, databases etc can be availed as mentioned, with the basic plans.

Our Recommendations

We are currently using KnownHost with VPS 2 plan costing us $35 per month and we are extremely happy after migration from HostGator Shared to VPS. So definitely we recommend going with KnownHost. Remember the thumb rule – “you get what you pay for“.

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