How to Write an Ebook and Make Money?

How to create an EbookHow to create an Ebook

It is said that Books are just like best friends and we all can correlate with it.

We all know that good books can bring some great and positive changes in our lives.

At times, you might wonder can’t I write any book be it a short story or any novel of any genre and if I get positive views with my friends and families, might just go for publishing it?

I am sure at some point of time this thought would have strike you but then you would have dropped it, thinking writing and then publishing the book would be a demanding task.

But let me tell you, this is not the case as launching eBook is very cheap and you can easily earn money with your book apart from being a published author.


You will get to know by the end of this article.


Tips to write an eBook

Here are some tips with which you can write genuine content.

1.     Choose your own topic to write

What I meant by choosing your own topic is that you should write on the genera which you feel you are good at it.

Whenever you read that particular genre, you connect with the story and the way with which the story goes.

There are different types of genera like thriller, horror, comedy, romantic, romantic comedy, crime. If you want to create an ebook then you can take help from various ebook creator. You should focus on just writing and not on the topic which will facilitate you with money.

I know that at the end of the day you want to make money out of your eBook.

But then you should also know that it is your story that will make money and not the hot topic on which you are planning to write.

It is important that the objective of writing should be clear.

2.     Maintaining standards of your eBook

The additional time and exertion you put into your eBook, the better it will be – and the more you can charge for it.

To make an excellent eBook, you should be happy to go through months (or even years for that matter) composing it, and afterward editing and altering various drafts until it’s satisfactory.

Utilizing free software (after all one must take complete advantage of free software available) to alter your eBook can immensely assist with improving its quality.

Like by downloading Grammarly to ensure you’re composing is liberated from spelling and sentence structure mistakes.

The writing cycle may take some time, however, it will be justified, despite all the trouble to deliver a top-notch text.

Not exclusively will this mean you can add a higher selling cost to your eBook but can also move on to the higher printing production. I believe this guide by is the perfect one how to define quality standards for ebooks publication.

3.     Target audience

The primary point to be kept in mind is for whom are you writing?

Who all are your target audience?

Whenever you are writing, you should keep in mind your target audience.

Generalizing writing is not a very effective way of delivering your concept in the mind of readers. You may or may not connect to the reader.

It is more like a gamble if it worked then jackpot! And if just the opposite happens, then you need to pay the consequences.

I am being very honest about it as this is something which most of the budding writers don’t care and end up writing a mess.

4.     Power of marketing and social media

Similarly as it pays off to invest time composing your eBook to as high a standard as you can, it’s additionally worth placing a decent measure of your vitality into marketing your eBook.

To bring in cash from your work, it’s too imperative to get the word out there, and your eBook showcasing needn’t cost you a penny.

Online life (social media) is a tremendously incredible advertising device, so it merits setting up proficient records across significant stages like Facebook, Twitter and Instagram that will be centered on advancing your distributed eBook.

On the head of this present, it’s likewise worth making a site with your composing portfolio that connections out to where to purchase your eBook.

Besides, you could contact book clubs straightforwardly to check whether they would be keen on perusing your content at a limited cost.

Benefits of self-publishing

  • Fast publication

Rather than holding on to discover, pitch to, and get acknowledged by a distributing organization, without anyone else distributing your work as an eBook, you can hugely accelerate the way toward selling it and have full say over how and when it’s distributed.

  • Career boost

Getting a book to showcase is extraordinary work is a commendable job. It’s a splendid method to help your CV for loads of vocations including distributing, retail, deals, and the board and promoting.

  • Passive income

Distributing a book can set you up with quite a pocket cash for quite a long time to come. However, it should be the secondary goal as first you need to write and deliver quality content.

  • Anybody can write!

Don’t just put off in case you’re not imaginative or very knowledgeable in specialty genera. All you need is a thought, a touch of horizontal speculation, a lot of inspiration and time. This field is so versatile that you can opt for any genera and then just start writing on it without thinking much about the outcomes.

How much money can you make from your eBook?

Creating an eBook can be absurdly modest and, often, totally free, and selling your own digital book can net you anything from a few pounds every day to practically nothing.

Fortunately, you get heaps of state in your likely income, so it merits investigating the entireties: You can sell your book at whatever cost you like – and you can change the cost to test various strategies – however the perfect cost relies upon your book’s length, surveys, and rivalry.

On the off chance that you have quite a capital, in that case, you can put in for marketing but then you can also save them, as there are innumerable sites wherein you can promote your eBook for free like Facebook, Instagram, WhatsApp, Viber, Snapchat etc.


As you have seen how easy rather simple it is to publish your own eBook.

All the effort is laid on your side which is to make quality content that can bind the reader with your story and make them believe whatever is happening in the story is actually happening with them in real.

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