5 Convenient Ways to Relieve Stress and Anxiety

relieve stress and be happyrelieve stress and be happy

With the rising pressure of work, deadlines, and other life problems, it seems like anxiety and stress have become a part and parcel of daily life. You surely would love to move away from all the chaos and would rather spend a day at the beach relaxing and calming your nerves. But sadly, that is not something which is always possible regardless of how badly you want it.

While going for a vacation is not an option, it does not mean you keep suffering from all that stress and anxiousness. You can easily relieve the tension and anxiousness in your mind even in your day-to-day life.

Try out the following 5 simple tips and you will see how conveniently you can dismiss those feelings of stress and anxiety:

  1. Through Eating and Drinking Right

Before you go all red with the pent-up anger and frustration, calm down by drinking a cup of herbal tea. The amazing Benefits of Chamomile tea helps in soothing the mind and banishing any feelings of mental strain that you might be facing. You can even try eating a few cubes of dark chocolate. Dark chocolate helps in the regulation of the stress hormone called cortisol and stabilize metabolism.

Honey is also a natural soother of the mind as the compounds contained in it reduce brain inflammation. Thus, it helps in fighting anxiety and depression. Besides, it is also a natural antibiotic and skin moisturizer that will cleanse your body from within.

Among the fruits, mangoes have a compound called linalool that helps in lowering the stress levels. Even chewing gums and crunchy candies work wonders for stress relief. However, since these have high sugar content, make sure you do not go overboard with the munching.

  1. By Finding your Inner Peace

You need not to go to the mountains or some private beach to find your inner peace as you can do that easily in the comfort of your home or even in the office. All you need is five minutes and a quiet, comfortable place. Just sit silently at the place and concentrate on your breathing and you will feel those anxieties are gradually starting to disappear. If you do not find a place for proper meditation, do not worry. You can still get the same results with certain breathing exercises. Take deep, slow breaths or try the yogic pranayama and breathing techniques.

Both of these methods are similar to acupuncture and help in balancing out the body and mind by lowering heart and blood pressure rate.

If all else fails, simply try closing your eyes for a few minutes. Lower your eyelids and sit still to regain your focus and calm. Hopefully, it will help you to regain your composure fast enough.

  1. Going for body relaxation techniques

You do not need to setup appointments with a professional masseuse to help getting your body relaxed. Certain easy methods can be tried out by you yourself. Begin by giving yourself a hand massage by applying some lotion or cream on your palms and then, massaging the base of the thumb to relieve stress from scalp, neck, and shoulders.

The techniques of acupressure also work similarly. You just need to put in some essential oil in your fingers and then use the forefinger and thumb for massaging the soft area between the index finger and thumb of the other hand.

Give yourself a relaxing and impromptu foot massage by rubbing your feet over a golf ball. Keep rubbing your feet back and forth and in a few minutes, you will feel much relieved. If the trials and turbulence of the day make you see red, then hit the bathroom and dab some cold water behind the earlobes and on the wrists. Cooling these sensitive areas help in cooling down the whole body.

  1. Getting some exercise for body and mind

Exercise is not just something that your body wants but also it is something the mind needs. Try out some simple yoga poses and do not let your mind waver while you are practicing those poses. Go for the ones that let you stretch out your body because it helps in bringing a peace of mind too.

Running is also an amazing exercise that releases dopamine, a kind of neurotransmitter that breeds feelings of happiness. You can learn more about the neurotransmitter here. Even if you do not get time to go for a jog in the park, you can always try out spot running. Run at the same spot for a couple of minutes and if you do this daily, you will surely see the results within a few days.

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If you feel so anxious that you are having trouble concentrating, then try to go for a walk. You need not to walk too far off from your place and just a bit of quick stroll around the block is sufficient. Besides the benefits of a physical activity, you will also get to have a few moments to gather and make sense of your thoughts.

  1. Enjoying the smells and sounds

Yes, your senses of sounds and smell can also come in handy when it comes to relieving stress. You can try listening to your favorite songs on a loop till it helps you to calm down. The sense of smell can also come in handy and you can buy some fresh new flowers to decorate your table in the living room or near the workspace. Take a whiff of their sweet smell when anxiety strikes you.

You can also take some aromatic oil like tea tree oil, lavender, and so on in your palm and inhale deeply. The smell receptors in your nose will help to regulate positive emotions and do away with all signs of anxiety and stress.

So, what are you waiting for? Try out these top five tips today and see the surprising effects that these can have on reducing your stress levels.

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