Top Rated 5 Free Music Downloading Apps You Absolutely Need On Your Android Phone

Best Music Downloading Apps for AndroidBest Music Downloading Apps for Android

Check the top rated free music downloading apps you absolutely need on your Android Phone.

If you’re an insane addict of music and just can’t do without having a lot of it on your Smartphone downloading a free app that allows you to download music files for free straight on to phone has to be on top of your wish-list. While the Android Play store does have apps for downloading music free you shouldn’t have to limit yourself to them. There are a few great apps available, and all are free. So here is the collection of the best free music downloading apps.

Free Music Downloading Apps

Most of them let you download and play music of standard quality. So no need to hook your device to a computer and transfer music to its music library, just get one of these smart apps downloaded and start downloading your favorite songs.

MP3 Music Download Free: Simple But Powerful

Really a search engine for sifting through music on the internet this one works quite well in downloading music directly to your Smartphone. No fancy name but a powerful download ability makes MP3 Music Download a smart choice. Just search, choose the title to download and begin. MP3 music files can be downloaded and also edited to a shorter form for making a ringtone out of it. With this downloader, you get a music editor with good visual display that includes audio-file wavelength.

Download copyleft music MP3: Lends An Edge in Download Speed & Music Variety

Enhance your music downloading experience with Download copyleft music MP3. It’s free and really good. The app lets your download songs having Copyleft-Creative Commons license so it legal. The download speed and range of songs available for download has been rated highly as also easy music search without any congestion.

If you’re a fan of classical music that in technical terms takes a lot of space and time to download in MP3 format, Copyleft music MP3 is the one downloader you’ll love. It smoothly downloads Mozart, Bach and others. Once downloaded, the music files can be managed in the library through its inbuilt player.

GTunes Music Downloader: Easy & Versatile

With easy and unclogged interface GTunes music downloader makes free music search and downloading fast. The music files you get to download are all free and completely legit so no worries on that front. The downloader app also provides for playing music on the public domain sites like or You can create ringtones as you want by editing downloaded files and tag them to specific contacts for clear customization.

Music Maniac-MP3 Downloader: Great Download Quality

A highly rated app, Music Maniac-MP3 downloader is available on your Android phone’s Google Play store free. You can search extensive music content both in CC licensed and MP3 format and download from the web or choose to listen to music on any public domain.

When you search for music it provides a list of quality files only omitting broken links. You also get relevant info about the artist, album along with album art. Downloaded files get stored straight to the phone’s SD-card or other external storage.

Tunee music downloader: Bringing You More for Free

Simple in its application and with features that allow you to get sound effects, music, music videos and even short clips directly to your phone’s SD card, Tunee music downloader wins all votes for quick search and bringing great quality music files to your screen for download. This app has a minimalist visual appeal and lets you share a downloaded track.

These Android apps are free, available on Google Play Store and allow hassle-free downloading. Some of the best quality music files can be downloaded and enjoyed right on your android phone. Let us know your experience with any of them and your personal favorites for downloading free music through our comments section.

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Check the top rated free music downloading apps you absolutely need on your Android Phone.
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