How to Heal Through Color Therapy – Chromotherapy

One of the most interesting forms of alternative medicine is color therapy. That’s because its approach uses different colored objects that are said to catalyze healing. The science behind this therapy says that different colors give off different degrees and types of energy that changes or adjusts the energy levels of the body. In turn, these effects could be used to heal the body from certain types of illnesses or stress.

Color Therapy – Chromotherapy

Color therapy makes use of different items like paper, gems, stones, and cloths. There are even instances where light of different colors is used. These particular objects are placed near you to change your energy flows. You’ll find that cloths are much easier to use because you can just put them around your body, allowing you to directly place them on the part of your body that needs the treatment.

Red, being the color of anger and passion, is capable of affecting the spinal column and stimulate the flow of blood. This is good for those who have anemia or low blood pressure. This color can also be used to unclog blockages in the body, loosen up muscles, as well as allow women to ovulate more. Cell growth is also enhanced with this color.

The symbol of prosperity, orange can help calm your nerves and stimulate the mind to have stronger memory powers. It induces blood flow and can even help in treating gall stones, hernia, appendicitis, and kidney stones. Since it stimulates the brain, the color also opens up your creativity. Orange is also known to give relief from sexual tension as well as help breathing and digestion.

The very happy yellow is the color for your brain, liver and digestive system. Those who have problems with their kidneys or liver, or have throat or eye infections as well as indigestion would benefit from the color. Yellow also promotes quicker tissue repair and better skin.

Green’s harmonious and calming nature has a soothing effect. This can be useful in treating the common cold, ulcer, hay fever, and other conditions where inflammation and similar complications are involved. Green also soothes one’s eyes, relaxing its muscles, as well as gives your immune system a boost.

Blue is peaceful and calming. It relieves you of stress, pain and itching. Hysteria is one of the conditions that are treated by blue. Use blue to help relieve burns, respiratory conditions, skin conditions, and high blood pressure.

Mixed colors like indigo and violet carry the same properties as their original colors, such as blue and red. They also help with high blood pressure and eye problems.

White, a color of purity, is a color that should be generally used for the purpose of healing any illness. Use it directly on the body part that needs treatment.

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It is important to know, however, that color therapy is not a primary form of treatment. It must only be treated as a secondary mode of treatment, which means that you still have to use this in connection with conventional treatment for your condition to be cured.

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