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Ultrasound is the most commonly performed examination of modern medicine. It allows the doctors to look directly into the patient’s body without being invasively and diagnose many diseases. Ultrasound devices provide increasingly better image quality with smaller and smaller sizes, and the revolution in diagnostics are new, portable ultrasound machines that work with smartphones and tablets. The test can be done anywhere, even at home. However, there is one drawback of using ultrasound machines. It is the price.

The importance of ultrasound Machines

The ultrasound machines cost even up to hundreds of thousands of dollars. They are necessary and widely met in the clinics, but what if you have just started your own cabinet? In National Ultrasound, we have prepared a special offer for those who need the ultrasound machine rental. We know how vital the ultrasound machine is, but do you know what exactly it can help to detect, how examination with ultrasound looks like, and how to rent an optimal device for you?

Medical equipment plays a critical role in the diagnosis and saving of health and human life, and from that reason, you should consider purchase or ultrasound machine rental.

Ultrasound machines are tools for conducting one of the most critical research. The most significant advantages the Ultrasonography, which is a very effective method of diagnosing patients, are simplicity in application and non-invasive. Ultrasound examinations are entirely safe, and patients at all ages can go through these machines.

How the ultrasound Machines work

The ultrasound machine is instrumental in ultrasound examinations. Modern technology makes it possible to obtain an image of inner parts of the body in excellent quality, which allows even better analysis and treatment of the patient. Ultrasound examinations are entirely non-invasive, painless, and can be carried out on any patient.

This type of imaging diagnostics carried out with the use of specialized ultrasound devices enables obtaining a reliable cross-section of the object under examination. Ultrasound scanner can be used in all conditions. However, it depends on the mobility of the equipment. These ultrasound machines are mostly located in hospitals, outpatient clinics, offices, diagnostic centers. Doctors, if necessary, also use them in patients’ homes.

Different types of Ultrasonography and Transducers

The choice of ultrasound is essential. The final decision will be primarily dictated by the ultrasound transducer. A more significant number of different types of sensors affect the diagnostic capability and functionality of the ultrasound machine.

Linear Transducer is high in frequency, and you can use it to conduct: Vascular examination, Breast, Tendon, and many other parts of the human body.

Convex Transducers

The next type is Convex Transducers (medium and low-frequency Transducers). The front of this element is designed in such a way that it forms a part of the circle. The Transducers allow seeing the deep parts of the internal body and deep structures. With Convex Transducers, the doctors can carry out Abdominal examinations and examine organs.

Phased Array Transducers

The next type is Phased Array Transducers (low-frequency heads). They are ideal for in-depth examination depicting the deepest structures. The Transducers have a radial shape and allow to reach the deepest parts of the body.

This type of ultrasound must match the needs of the facility and be equipped with the required Transducer. With this type of ultrasonography machine, doctors can examine, among others, heart and brain.

Does the brand matter?

The choice of the manufacturer of such specialized equipment must be well analyzed. Ultrasonography machines save health and life, so the equipment must be of the highest quality.

However, the price of such equipment is high and unattainable for the doctors that are just starting out with their clinics. What can you do instead of buying it?

Ultrasound devices from National Ultrasound

In National Ultrasound, our primary goal is to help the clinics and private patients get access to high-quality devices. We know how critical it is to diagnose the disease as early as possible. From these reasons, we offer the ultrasound machine rental.

You can rent the ultrasound both for the short-term and for the long-term examinations. We provide only checked equipped from the best companies in the industry. The equipment guarantees to obtain precise diagnostic results.

National Ultrasound machines are ergonomic, automated, convenient to use, and, most importantly, accurate, and useful. We are a trustworthy distributor of medical equipment. A wide selection of various types of diagnostic devices allows for the right selection and fitting equipment to the requirements of a given facility.

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