How to get Microsoft MCSA Certification with the Help of Exam Dumps

microsoft MCSA Certificationmicrosoft MCSA Certification

The world is basically filled with the products of Microsoft company, one of the largest IT enterprises on the market. Its software, electronics, and personal computers are used by ordinary consumers and large corporations. Still, all the Microsoft products should be served appropriately, so the company launched a comprehensive certification program for IT professionals.

Microsoft Certifications

Microsoft credential program is intended for specialists working in diverse fields of IT knowledge and covers different Microsoft products such as Windows, Office 365, SQL Server, Windows Server, Dynamics 365, Microsoft Azure and many others.

There are four main proficiency levels in Microsoft certification: MTA, MCSA, MCSE and MCSD (associate, certified associate, certified expert and certified developer).

MCSA certification

Today, we will talk about one of the most in-demand Microsoft credential – MCSA certification.

MCSA will bring you on the associate level of knowledge regarding the most popular Microsoft products and services. This certification can be achieved even by novice specialists.

MCSA: Web Applications Certification

One of the popular MCSA destinations is MCSA: Web Applications certification which is focused on the implementation of modern web apps. If you possess this certification, you can easily get the job of web administrator or web developer.

To get MCSA: Web Applications certification, the candidate should pass 2 exams: either exam 70-480 or 70-483 along with exam 70-486.

70-480 exam

Exam Programming in HTML5 with JavaScript and CSS3 focuses on the implementation of program flow, the manipulation of objects and document structures, data security, CSS3 and more.

70-483 exam

Programming in C# exam covers the implementation of data access, debugging of applications, the creation of types, program flow management and more.

To give you a clear idea of the certification process, in this article we will concentrate on Microsoft 70-486 exam and the things you need to know if you want to pass it successfully.

70-486 exam

Microsoft 70-486 exam validates the candidate’s capability of designing user experience, designing application architecture and debugging web applications. The skills of designing and implementing security, troubleshooting and developing web applications are also measured on this exam.

If you want to take this test, you need to have 3-5 years of experience with Microsoft ASP.NET web applications. Additionally, you must be familiar with the MVC based solutions and Microsoft Azure Web Apps. After passing this exam, you’d be recognized as ASP.NET MVC Web Applications Developer.

This certification is quite a valuable and secure option as compared to the other credentials in the IT industry. The ASP.NET offers more facilities to the customers, therefore, the big companies always prefer choosing it above all others. So, you can imagine the salary you’d earn while working in the companies that are interested in your professional skills.

The benefits of this certification are a clear indication that it’s not a child’s play. The candidate needs to be completely serious and dedicated if he/she wants to earn this credential. We always recommend using all the available sources that may help in passing the test. But we have seen many applicants that avoid using exam dumps due to some confusions.

We have been working in the tech industry for many years and after some time we have figured out that exam dumps are really important for IT certification tests. And when it comes to talking about Microsoft 70-486, we strongly recommend the candidates to use them because they may not be able to pass the test without this powerful resource.

Let’s take a look at some reasons why exam dumps are extremely important for passing Microsoft 70-486.

Test your Knowledge

Microsoft 70-486 is a really difficult test and the candidates need to collect a lot of information before appearing in the exam. But still, some individuals cannot pass 70-486. One of the reasons why they fail is that they do not test their knowledge before taking the actual exam. The dumps provide you with the essential help in this area and they protect you from making mistakes. There is no doubt that you can appear in the exam after using other resources but testing your knowledge before taking the exam will save you a lot of time and money.

Build your Confidence

There are many stories about the candidates that couldn’t pass Microsoft 70-486 even after making numerous attempts. These stories are absolutely fearful and that’s why some individuals may be nervous on the exam day. The stress doesn’t let them use their mind properly and they make some unexpected mistakes during the test.

There are many candidates who cannot answer several questions that they memorized properly before taking the exam. The major reason behind this problem is the lack of confidence. If you’re confident enough to take the test, you’d never forget the correct answers. If you use the exam dumps before taking the test, you can rest assured that you will tackle it. The dumps will help you to boost your self-assurance and lower the level of the anxiety on the exam day.

Overcome your Mistakes

We make several mistakes while preparation for 70-486 and we do not notice them until we appear on the exam. But that’s not the right time to figure out these mistakes. Therefore, you must use the exam dumps to find out which mistakes you’ve been making throughout the preparation. Try to use the exam dumps multiple times so that you may overcome all the mistakes that may prevent you from passing the test.

Get an Overview of the Actual Exam

There are 40-60 multiple-choice, scenario-based and drag-and-drop questions included in the exam. These questions can play the role of a trap for the candidates that did not practice their knowledge before taking the actual test. The dumps provide you with the proper environment where you can learn to address all the questions in limited time conditions.

Save your Time and Money

The time you have spent on the test preparation is extremely valuable. Now, you cannot even think of wasting that time at any cost. In this situation, the exam dumps will provide you with additional support so that you may pass the exam at the first attempt and save the time and money you have spent on this exam.

The Misconception about Exam Dumps

You must have heard from some people that exam dumps are illegal and you may get banned from taking the test if you used exam dumps. The candidates must understand that it’s just a misconception because dumps do not release any illegal information that may affect the vendor’s reputation.

Additional information about Microsoft 70-486 exam

The above information is enough for making an informed decision about exam dumps. But there are some other elements you should address before you use the dumps. Here is a list of several options you must use when preparing for Microsoft 70-486:

  • Video courses;
  • Study groups;
  • Practice tools;
  • Books – for example, Exam Ref 70-486 Developing ASP.NET MVC 4 Web Applications.

Once you have used all these resources, you can freely head towards the exam dumps. But if you are missing any of these preparation resources, the dumps won’t help you at all.


The exam dumps for Microsoft exams are a valuable asset and you can score better marks if you use this asset wisely. The only thing you should know now is that you need to use the updated dumps from the reliable resources so that you do not get trapped on the exam day.

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