How to Easily Secure Android Tablets

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As we all can see, in the time of 21st century each 1 out of 8 persons carries a tablet. Carrying a tablet in today’s time has got multiple benefits. People are switching to Android very rapidly. The specialty about Android tablets is that it allows you to store an enormous amount of data in the tablet itself. Thus, it is extremely handy and another plus point about it is that it is portable. Thus, it is necessary to secure a tablet as a lot of confidential data is stored in the tablet.

The various ways to secure an Android tablet is –

Screen Lock

Screen lock pattern is the one which allows the user to set a pattern to unlock the tablet once it is locked, after a certain time interval. There are various types of screen locks available on the Google Play Store. Some of them include maze lock, finger print lock, password lock, face detection lock etc. Thus, by using such locks one can prevent the access of strangers to confidential data stored in the tablet. Thus, it proves to be useful.

Automatic Lock

Android OS gives the user an option to unlock the screen in a particular interval of time. The time interval is set by the user itself. Normally, you can keep it as 10-15 seconds whereas in    the case of an emergency, one can change the option to ‘immediately’. Thus, the option solves the purpose of security of data in the tablet.


If you have an extremely sensitive data in the tablet, then encrypting a tablet is the only way you can secure cent per cent protection. The best part about encryption is that it keeps your data safe even I it gets lost or stolen.

Verify Applications Before Using

Applications that are available on the internet are from various sources. Some of the sources are trusted and trustworthy, while some are insecure and fraud. Applications downloaded from trusted sources do not have any kind of problems whereas fraud sources lead to hacking of a system. This saves your tablets from external untrusted sources and viruses.


In order to protect the tablet from external threats, we can download various anti-virus software and thus enhances the durability of the tablet. This is the most important factor from the security point of view.

Thus, we can conclude that the following mentioned above are the best methods of solving security problems.

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