10 Best Gardening Tools with Latest Technology

Modern day gadgets can help you to do any of your work with ease. Gardening is no exception. If you are passionate about gardening, no matter where do you live; a small flat in an apartment or a villa with a huge garden, the gadgets are good enough to take care of the plants. Good gardening technology is required for transformation of your garden to greenhouse.best Gardening tipsbest Gardening tips

Best Gardening Tools

The gardening tools help the serious garden owners to keep a watch on the various properties which might affect growth of the plants. Following are some of the best gardening tools which employ the latest technologies.

Click & Grow

Click & Grow is the concept inspired by NASA. The tool has developed a nano-technological growth which ensures that right amount of oxygen, water and essential nutrients to the roots of the plants. The smart gardens provide proper nourishment to the plants which is required for their growth. Click & Grow provides a smart soil which contains pores for oxygen especially when the soil is wet and then the essential nutrients are supplied to the plants. Operating the smart gardens is relatively easy – just water the pot, plug the pot to a power source and charge it well, then place the plant in a well-lit spot and wait for couple of weeks for the little herbs to grow. Smart Gardens are effective enough to grow two or three plants at a time. It has a water reservoir, a power source and the technology which helps to grow the plants. The power source can be obtained from batteries or a power socket.  The device can be used again and again. Click & Grow has over a dozen plant refills of different types. Buyers can use anything from blooming flowers to kitchen herbs like chilli pepper or basil. Smart Gardens are energy-efficient and the soil used does not have any pesticides, fungicides or insecticides.

Koubachi Wi-Fi Plant Sensor

Golf in your flower-pot – this is the statement which can be given to Koubachi Wi-Fi Plant Sensor. It is a Wi-Fi plant sensor which can be used in indoor and outdoor plants. The device easily determines the nutrient nourishment of the plant and its vitality and then it sends a notification of about how much care the plant requires. The diagnosis about the soil moisture, temperature and light intensity made by the Koubachi sensor are accurate. Koubachi can be used in more than one plant. To obtain the information about a plant, the user is required to just dip the sensor in the soil and it captures all the information which is then shared using Wi-Fi. Wi-Fi enabled Koubachi measures three properties which is required for growth of the plants. They are soil moisture, temperature and light intensity. The soil moisture sensor accurately determines when to water the plants. The temperature sensor monitors the right temperature where the plants are required to be maintained. When the temperature reaches its extreme, it sends notifications to the users. Light intensity feature of the device ensures that your plant receives the most essential ingredient for its growth – light. The device alerts the users to select the right place for your plants to receive the lights.


SolarSync is required for those who have a big garden or small farm. SolarSync provides the users with smart irrigation control. With the help of SolarSync, Evapotranspiration is calculated and Hunter Controllers are adjusted daily based on local weather conditions. The device can accurately measure the sunlight and temperature and it uses evapotranspiration which can determine seasonal adjustment percentage value accurately and subsequently sent to the controller. The device is smart enough to take a decision based on the climate. It will shut down automatically if there is rain or snow outside. This is done by Rain-Click and Freeze-Click sensors available in the device. SolarSync is available in both wired and wireless versions. It can be used in businesses, residences and municipalities for maintenance of the farms.

EasyBloom Plant Sensor

EasyBloom Plant Sensor does exactly the same which its name suggests. If you are confused about what to do with the soil and which plant to grow in your garden or indoor pots, then EasyBloom Plant Sensor is the right device for you. It is another crucial device required to help in growth of the plants. The sensor shows exactly what vegetables, fruits, herbs, flowers, trees, shrubs or houseplants should be grown at what place of the garden. EasyBloom sensor makes the work so easy for those who are planning to grow flowers or vegetables. It provides a step by step guidance and gardening tips. Just insert the plant sensor anywhere insider or outside the garden and the sensor will measure various criteria such as temperature, water drainage, fertilizer and sunlight. The sensor can then be plugged into PC using USB port. The Plant Doctor Advise then analyse the data and suggest the users from a list of plants available in their library which best suit for your soil. There are over 6,000+ plants stored in the library. EasyBloom Plant Sensor can be used again and again.


If you love to decorate your windows with greenery, then WindowFarm is an ideal device for you. It is a vertical, indoor garden which helps the house occupants to grow plants at virtually any window. It allows the plants to use their natural window light, temperature control of living space and also use the organic liquid soil. WindowFarm uses a unique hydroponic system where nutrient spiked water is pumped from the water reservoir. Once water is pumped, it is trickled down from top, bathing the plant and reaches to the roots. Unused water is collected back to the reservoir and pumped again.  The roots of hydroponically grown plants are compact and WindowFarm allows the users to efficient use the resources.


Vegibee could be an important gadget if you have a kitchen garden in your house. The gadget lets you grow fresh vegetables all the time. It is small garden pollinators for tomatoes, peppers, peas, beans, eggplant and strawberry. Vegibee Garden pollinators help to improve the yield of the crops. Vegibee pollinators are designed to copy the high frequency vibrations which are made by a bee’s wings during pollination. The high frequency vibrations gently release pollen from the flower into a specially designed collection spoon. In few seconds, enough pollen from the flower is collected which can pollinate 4-5 flowers. Vegibee Garden Pollinators help to boost the production of kitchen garden by 30% annually. Vegibee helps the house owners to reduce the cost of vegetables as the veggies produced with increased yield is much more cost-effective than those available in the market. Vegibee electric pollinators are available for just $49.99 for rechargeable unit and $29.99 for the battery model. Owners of these pollinators would recover the cost in less than one year.

Indoor Garden

Tregen, formerly Indoor Garden uses Active Growing Technology which helps the home owners to grow fresh vegetables, herbs and lettuce in a more organized manner all year around. Active Growing Technology developed by Tregen Ltd makes the indoor gardening easy. The technology uses the principle of hydroponic cultivation where the plants are grown in soil less environment and the nutrients are distributed by water equally throughout the plant. The plants are also grown under the controlled condition of light, temperature and humidity which is aptly suited for the plants. There are two products offered by Tregen – Genie and Herbie. Genie is a small and sophisticated herb garden which can be used in both indoor and outdoor gardens. It can be used for wider choice of plants which range from flowers to veggies. The Active Growing Technology ensures that all types of plants prosper without effort. Genie also comes with a growing lamp which provides 800 lumens of the optimal spectrum to lighten the plants. Herbie Indoor Garden is designed with the same concept as Genie which has a growing light to guarantee quick growth and plentiful harvest. Indoor Gardens ensures that minimum energy is consumed.

WaterPoint 1000

WaterPoint 1000 is similar to SolarSync in the way that it helps in the irrigation of a farm or garden. However, WaterPoint 1000 is Wi-Fi compatible which means that irrigation system can be controlled by your computer, tablet or smartphone. Hence, wherever you are, you can start watering your plants. This is one of its kind systems which lets you control the water flow from home, office, yard, landscape site or anywhere. It can easily be used and compatible with any computer, laptop or tablet. Control to water your garden can be done using myOnPoint Cloud Service. The software of WaterPoint 1000 is advanced and the valves can be tested with the touch of button and it alerts the users if there are any valve issues. WaterPoint 1000 also has rain and freeze sensors which will prompt the users to stop water during the mentioned weather conditions. The device comes in two models for residential and professional use.


PlantLink is an effective device which lets you understand the plant’s moisture level. Incorrect watering is one of the reasons why plants die. PlantLink is the gardening gadget which is designed to monitor the plants moisture levels and then notify the users when to water the plants by email, text messages or push notification. If PlantLink is connected outside, it can water the plants itself using the sprinklers. Just place the PlantLink near the plants, it will then send signals via a Wi-Fi router in the cloud where the users can get information from computer or phone. PlantLink accurately measures the plant type, soil composition and weather patterns and automatically decides when to water the plants using the sprinklers. Get mobile notifications and schedule the watering of plants effectively.


Bitponics is a personal gardening assistant. The entire set of bitponics have sensors which monitors the environment of the plant which is powered directly by the Bitponics base station. The base station of Bitponics connects to the Wi-Fi network of your home and sends real-time sensor readings to the Bitponics cloud. Users can then access the data related to the plants using their smartphones, tablets or computers. The Bitponics Cloud runs the personal grow plan. The cloud monitors the sensors and automatically turns off and on and sends notifications to the users to take any necessary actions. Bitponics Base station can measure water and air temperature, light, humidity and pH. Base station is available for $499. However, the cloud service is available from $0 to $49 per month.

The above mentioned gardening tools provide good options for the users to increase the productivity. They can be used indoor or outdoor, at the gardens or for nourishing your show plants at home.

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