Choosing the Right Medical Scrubs Based on Your Body Shape

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Here in this guide at, we provide tips on how to choose the right medical scrubs based on your body shape.

Women in the medical field, particularly those who work in hospitals, are required to put on clean clothes or uniforms like scrubs. Knowing the uniform policies of the hospital and clinic will give you the right idea which designs and patterns to choose.

Medical clothing lines like women’s Cherokee scrub are guaranteed to comply with your clinic or hospital’s guidelines without raising an eyebrow. And though these clothing pieces are uniformly designed, knowing cut flatters your body will make you look and feel less restricted to the accepted standards.

Remember that a flattering scrubs follow regulations, fits your body type, and reflects your personality. Here are some pointers when choosing the right medical scrubs:

Choose V-shaped Scrubs if you have Broad Shoulders

Women with broad shoulders and skinny waists look a lot better with V-shaped scrubs. For women with this type of body, wearing mock wraps and empire-waist tops look well made-up. Both scrub designs provide a well fit around the chest area while cinching from the waist above.

V-shape necklines flatter your body shape by elongating your torso. It can be paired with wide-legged pants, cargo, flares, and straight leg bottoms. Understand that though medical scrubs look similar accentuating, your body shape is often more manageable when you know the right types of uniform design to follow.

Choose Dark Colours if for Apple or Pear-shaped Bodies

If you have small chests and wide hips, choosing the right scrubs can be a problem. One way of dissimulating an uneven body shape is to opt for solid colors with bright or dark hues. You can also choose printed tops or ones with embellishments running through the neckline.

Remember to select a medical scrub with tops that fit well. Choose ones that are neither too tight nor too loose for comforts. You can also opt for pant styles with the same dark colors as your tops. Wide-legged pants with straight or flare cuts provide a seamless complement to your tops.

Focus on the Fabric if You Have an Hourglass Body Shape

Most women fall under this category, so choosing your women’s Cherokee scrub won’t be that hard. One crucial factor to focus on is getting a stretch fabric that accentuates your curves and body shape. Empire waists and mock wrap designs are quite fitting for women with hourglass body shapes, so try to stick to those scrub designs.

Straight cut, wide-legged, or flared pants are often the ideal bottom wear to use to complete your looks. Not only will it provide the appropriate ensemble, but choosing pants that are on the same hue as your tops will create a unified look to give you that clean and sterile appearance.

Other Important Considerations when Buying Your Medical Scrubs

Aside from your body shape, there are also several important factors to consider before buying your scrubs.

There are several models to choose from without leaving your personality behind.

Some of the crucial factors to take note includes:

  • Cut and style
  • Colour
  • Material

Adding a personal touch to your medical scrubs is part of making your uniform reflect your personality. You can accessorize with simple pins or jewelry to complement the colors of your outfit. Just remember not to go within the boundaries set by your organization.

Though medical scrubs may seem to appear the same, their cuts and color make them distinct as your preference and personality.

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