What kind of equipment do Chiropractors use?


Every professional has his designated pack of tools to simplify their work and improve their efficiency. The chiropractor is not any different. If you ever walk into the office of chiropractors, you would be marveled at their contemporary collection equipment that makes it possible for them to do their jobs.

This equipment finds adept application in treating back pains and aligning body structure. Being a modern and scientifically enhanced endeavor, chiropractic therapy exceeds just hand massages. Therefore, the professional must be adequately accoutered to do his job well. Below are some of the tools you could need as a chiropractor.

1. Tens Machine

This is a battery operated machine used for treating pain. TENS means transcutaneous electrical nerve stimulation. Usually, there are electrodes on the device which when connected to the body of the patient, discharge electrical impulses into such body. For someone looking for Chiropractic Equipment for Sale, this is the first and the most important to consider.

2. Chiropractic Tables

Typical tables in a chiropractic office, they are meant to serve as a platform for people to sit or lie while the chiropractor examines them. You guess they are just like normal tables, but they are not.

The height of these tables is consequential and is often adjustable for the purpose they are meant to serve. Some tables are specially designed to serve women in the labor room.

3. Ultrasound

This is a tool for recognizing tissue and muscles problems. This will help in determining muscle spasms, swelling, and stiffness. With this tool, there is the cautious application of deep heat therapy (created by sound waves) to the soft tissues as well as joints.Ultrasound helps the chiropractor to achieve enhanced blood circulation while speeding up the healing process.

4. Cold laser

Once someone asks for chiropractic equipment and sketchily says ‘it is pressed to the body.’ Guess what? She is talking about cold lasers. The device is used for treating pains during a process called cold laser therapy. Cold lasers are effective in treating anomalies like sprains, inflammation, aches, and wound healing.

5.  Impulse adjuster

Put the phrase “Chiropractic Equipment for Sale” on your Google search and the impulse adjuster is sure to jump out on the first page.

This activator is a device is the brainchild of the inventor Alan Fuhr. It finds use in pinpointing a part of the spine and delivering impulse on the targeted part. It restores motion to the selected parts, thereby normalizing it.

It is usually applied in a process called the Activator Chiropractic TechIn short.

6. Pro-adjuster

This is an improved version of the impulse adjuster. Although it delivers mechanical impulse like the one above, it can be used to perform a test before that. You will find the pro-adjuster a bit more expensive than the impulse adjuster depending on the manufacturer. It is computerized, allowing the professional to scan the affected area with more accuracy and precision.

Chiropractic outfitters present a premium collection of premium Chiropractic equipment at fantastic prices. As a Chiropractor, stop performing your therapy old school just like your great grandfather did. Equip yourself with the right set of tools upping your efficiency, credibility and overall making you appear “cool” to your customers.

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