Top 5 Golden Jewelry and their Modern Theme

Gold Jewelry designGold Jewelry design

In era ruled over by necklaces, earing, and bangles, designers have strived over simplicity and extravagance. “What is modern?” is a question that pops quite often while shopping for luxury. The ring that slips right onto your finger while also making your wrist an eye-catching site is what modern jewelry has to offer. The one type of design which sought out most often are rings. These small ornaments turn out to be quite valuable to many people due to the convenience of its shape.

A Jeweller’s business strives on selling 22k gold bangles designs with price to buyers for decades. If you do so desire a ring the next time you walk by shiny tinkering shop, you might just be interested in checking more contemporarily rooted designs. Modern themes in jewellery are quite subtly noticed.

Few Modern themed Jewelry to point your eye in the Golden direction:

Gold, on its own, is gorgeous to behold. It is the element that gives jewellery its supremacy and signifies the height of prosperity. It is out of prosperity and the need to luxuriate which leads people in looking for the ‘new’ or the ‘latest’ trend in jewellery.

Here are a few most appreciation worthy jewellery designs to keep an eye out for;

  1. Hairpins: A very subtle yet interestingly attractive type of jewellery that grabs attention quite easily. Of course, the occasional hair bun with a gold design holding it together can be a show stopper at any social event. You can pair it with the right set of ear rings to enhance your look. Golden themed hairpins tend to complement the entire look for your face similar to how you need a cherry on top for your cake.
  2. Rings: As discussed before, these are the primary eye catcher and beloved of all women. Golden rings are the best companion to start with when starting your own jewellery box. Golden ring designs for women are quite high in demand. Some of these designs come with the option to personalize hence increase its value even more. There are thousands of modern-themed ring designs to choose from. Contemporary rings are subtle and usually are restricted to only one or two stone attachments.
  3. Earrings: Something which is simple to buy, simple to wear and loved by everyone. Earrings are jewellery people have grown accustomed to all through-out the world. Gold earrings designs for daily use is something you can buy both as an investment and as gift to yourself as well. When paired up with a few gold pendant designs with price, it makes an impressive duo. May it be a simple stud or extravagant pins, you can pair them with any type of attire.
  4. Belly Chain: The Belly chain or waist chain has grown to become quite a trend. It was traditionally worn by dancers but now jewellers have become much more creative in the practicality of the designs.

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  5. Nose Pins: It might seem like we are pulling you back towards traditional but we are only pushing you forward. Nose pins are becoming increasingly popular and is worn at work and social circle alike. Cultural diversity has done its magic in fashion as well and is sure is the best way to flaunt it via nose pin.

These are 5 golden jewellery designs which carry the air of the modern theme. You can easily purchase them and add them to your collection. You can experiment these with both casual and traditional attires alike. Keep these 5 top picks in mind when you decide to visit your nearest jeweller or scroll online.

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