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Android Video Editing AppsAndroid Video Editing Apps

The dynamic rise to power that Android displayed over the last few years are is nothing we are unfamiliar with. With over 6,00,000 apps put of which majority are free and a significant number of mobile/tablet manufacturers adopting the Android Platform (Samsung, Sony, HTC, Motorola), the Droid has pretty much asserted its superiority and made sure that we know it’s here to stay! It was responsible for many major technological milestones such as the downfall of mobile giant Nokia, denting the eternal reign of tech superpower Apple etc. Samsung was one of the companies that benefited the most out of the rise of the Droid. By adopting the Android OS, it evolved considerably from the dreary Bada Operating System that its gadgets previously operated on.

Best Android Video Editing Apps

Without the existence of the wondrous Android, we wouldn’t have the too-good-to-believe Galaxy Series, nor the took-the-world-by-storm Xperia Series. Well, if we start talking about the individual perks of using an android gadget, we might as well keep aside the next few months. Let us narrow it down and take a look at some apps found on the app store who have great utilities.

There are many cool apps on Android for picture editing with the help of which we can add filters, crop pictures, add tags, add timelines and broadcast it on social networking sites or using emails. This, however, is technology that has been around for quite a long time. The same cannot be said about video editing apps. Yes, we now have wonderful applications offered by Android that can crop, filter and do a bazillion things with the videos we shoot. Whats more, most of these apps are available free of charge in the Play store!

Here is a list of some of the most popular video editing apps on Android –

VidTrim Pro Video Editor App

This app is an excellent one and provides you with many features such as video trimming, frame grabbing and transcoding of each and every video in your phone and more. It gives you an opportunity to introduce great effects like Posterize, Glow, Negate and many more. Though this app charges you a bit, it is totally worth it keeping in mind its excellent utility. Not only that, it has a well-designed user interface that helps the user play around easily.

There is no way you could go wrong with this beauty of an application. You can gain an insight into the app with the free trial it offers. Also, there is a free app called trimmer that is the free version of VidTrim Pro Video Editor. It offers video trimming.

AndroVid Video Trimmer App

This app is majorly useful in sharing videos and reducing its size. As we know, rarely does an app allow large-sized videos to be shared and those that do seem to take ages and ages. This app solves the problem in two ways. The first method is that you can crop the video however you want and edit its size to make it more share-friendly.

The second method is that you can extract the audio from the video and greatly reduces its size. Excellent effects like fast/slow motion, fade out etc are among the delights this app offers.

Clesh Video Editor

Compared to other Android video editor apps, this one is more advanced. It edits videos directly. Whats more, it has amazing effects like panning, zooming etc.

One of its most unusual perks are that it supports editing of full HD (1080p) videos that we don’t see on other applications. One needs to have patience and strife to find his way around this application.

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