10 Best Sites offering Free YouTube Video Intros, Stock Videos & Footages

Free YouTube Video IntrosFree YouTube Video Intros

Check the top 10 websites which provide Vimeo/Daily Motion, free YouTube video intros, stock videos and footages for free.

Video creation is an artistic and everlasting feature of any video editing software. Stock footage plays a key role in getting the best features of any video editing. A good video intro catches the immediate attention and plays a key role in forming the first impression of a reader. Audiovisual medium is always considered to be better than print media as it is always easier to convey the message using videos rather than making a person read through. Video creation requires a lot of effort and money and it is usually an expensive affair.

Free YouTube Video Intros

Stock videos and footages can easily be used in such cases. There are many websites which offer free collection of video intros, stock videos, and footages.

Mentioned below are some of them –

Motion Elements

Motionelements.com is perhaps the best website which allows the users to download video intros, stock videos and video footages for free of cost. There are more than 400 video templates which can be downloaded from. As soon as the visitor lands on the home pages of the website, he would come across the templates which say “This week’s featured Free Elements”. This list keeps on changing every week; therefore, a visit to this website every week is definitely going to be rewarding for the users.

Under this, there are list of all the animated videos which can be downloaded for free of cost. The homepage of this website also provides easy access to the videos based on their categories. Apart from this, a simple search can also be done to get the best video. Tutorials section provides a better understanding of the videos and how to use them.

Ignite Motion

Ignitemotion.com provides rich content of all types of videos required for commercial and personal use. The high definition videos present in the site provides a good opportunity for people to use them for video editing projects and have them posted in the powerpoint presentations. Navigating in this website is relatively easy.

The homepage of the website has a video menu from where the favorite videos can be selected. The users can also see the preview of the videos before downloading the same. These free videos are available in Quick Time format and can easily be edited with almost all the video editing software.

Flix Press

FlixPress has a tagline of creating video online and this is what the website does. The website helps all the users who want to create a video online. Creating a video in FlixPress is simple. Select a template from the library, then customize the video template using animations, 3D, or stock videos, multicolor and digital sound effects.

Download these customized videos in the desired format and create your own presentations, or upload them to social networking websites. FlixPress videos are easy to use and the website provides multiple supports to the users.

flixpress alternative:

  • Ignite Motion
  • Motion Backgrounds
  • Clip Canvas

Free Footage

Free Footage is another website which provides rich content of High Definition video footage. The homepage of the website has a list of all types of videos which can be used in all kinds of presentations. The website is best known for its urban and natural footages.

Further on the homepage of the website, the users can refine the searches by going to various categories like buildings, transportation, cities and urban, backgrounds, nature and 3D. 3D videos provide a more realistic approach where they are supposed to be used.

Motion Backgrounds

Motion Backgrounds is a website which provides high-quality motion pictures and background videos for free of cost. The websites provide over 100,000 motion background downloads for free of cost. It has a huge library of animated backgrounds which are available for free.

Another interesting feature of this website is that the motion backgrounds are available in multiple file formats which can be used with any video editing software and presentation software including Powerpoint. The videos are also very professional. A 5 minute easy and free signup gives you access to many motion backgrounds.

Alex Free Stock Video Footage

Although the website is hosted on YouTube site, the stock videos are best described to suit the requirements of the users. There are varieties of stock videos available to be picked from. 2D and 3D animation videos are also available. The website offers hundreds of HD videos and footages.

Unlike other websites, there is no requirement to signup. Videos can be downloaded free of cost. The users can sort the videos based on the date of submission or on the basis of popularity. Visit Alex Free Stock Video.

Free HD Stock Footage

Free HD Stock Footage by Vimeo Group by Phil Fried offers free stock videos and video footage which can be used for any video production. Phil Fried has provided some of the best videos for the users to download for free of cost. There are over 200 High Definition videos available for download at no extra cost.

The users can easily sort the videos based on various factors or download the featured videos at no extra cost. Unlike other sites, the website also provides an option to upload videos.

Clip Canvas

Clip Canvas provides both free and premium stock videos which are available of good quality. The videos cover a broad range covering urban, rural, nature, buildings and monuments, animation, space and much more. The range varies to a great extent. The website claims to have more than 450,000 stock videos, out of which only 128 are free clips. The users may select from featured videos or get them downloaded from popular clips.

X-Stock Video

X-Stock video is a website which has rich content of videos and footage. The videos can be downloaded right from the homepage of the website. The homepage shows all kinds of videos which are available for download. The users can also download or view videos based on the popularity. They would be able to see the number of views and downloads and then download the videos. Search can also be done based on different categories.

As with many other stock video websites, X-stock Video is also available for free of cost. There are over 10,000 videos downloaded every month.


Videezy has a rich content of all the free HD stock video footage. Videezy is the name of a community which allows the users to download and upload free HD stock video footage and free B-Roll footage with each other. The video footages shared on this site is of HD and available for free of cost. It is a very useful site if somebody is looking for free HD quality stock videos directly taken from real life. Unlike other footage websites, the website has real-life photography.

Providing an intro video at the start of your videos is perhaps the best option to introduce yourself to the world as well as to make the best use of the space provided. The stock videos are hand-picked and their availability in High Definition makes them versatile and they can be used effectively in various video presentations.

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